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Published on June 14th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Chiragh Baloch’s Rise to YouTube Fame

It’s common to want to accomplish something that will earn you respect and recognition in your society and country. The younger generation, in particular, seems to be all about radical, grandiose new ideas. Chiragh Baloch is one such young man from Balochistan who is slowly becoming a noteworthy and influential YouTuber.

Chiragh is from the Pasni district of Balochistan, which is a Pakistani province. He works as a web developer and video creator on various social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. He began his entertainment career as a vlogger, covering his day-to-day activities and making funny videos. Initially, he used to create videos for the sake of his own enjoyment. Nowadays, however, content creation has evolved into a passion for him. He shifted his focus from vlogging and started to use his films to explore the cultural beauty of Balochistan.

Balochistan is frequently depicted in the media as a hazardous and inaccessible region. Chiragh utilizes YouTube and other social media platforms to highlight different, more welcoming aspects of the province. His goal is to showcase the beauty of Balochistan so that people worldwide may learn about the richness of Balochi culture.

Chiragh now has a loyal following who tune in every week for new episodes of The Chiragh Baloch Show, Chiragh’s online show that he hosts on YouTube. The show’s objective is to promote notable and young Baloch artists, singers, and actors and offer them a platform to demonstrate their skills. The channel currently has over 16,000 subscribers and is very popular among younger Balochi people.

Chiragh also has another prosperous enterprise called Baloch Tech. This is a service that provides web development help, websites, software, and mobile application solutions to its clients. One of their recent successful projects is a personal website for Kaifi Khalil, a rising Balochi musician. Baloch Tech is the foundation for all of Chiragh’s technological ventures, including Baloch Host and VshGap, a messaging app with free phone and video conferencing.

In addition, the Baloch Tech Vision was hosted at the Sindh Boy Scouts headquarters in Karachi, providing a forum for Baloch IT students to demonstrate their capabilities. District Chairman Gwadar, RJ Ana Baloch, and prominent Balochi poet Ishaq Kamosh were among the attendees.

Chiragh Baloch and his Baloch Host team have created an application featuring Balochi language stickers that can be used for text messaging. The software is now only accessible for Android users, but it will soon be accessible for iPhone users. Chiragh and his team have also developed Balochi-themed stickers for the messaging app WhatsApp.

Without a doubt, this is the age of science and technology, and nations that fall behind in technological fields will be at a disadvantage. As a result, new trends and initiatives must be encouraged and appreciated to properly educate today’s youth on contemporary technological trends.

Chiragh’s rise to fame on YouTube is a story that he hopes will motivate and inspire other young people to nurture their creativity in specialized fields. If you’re interested in Chiragh and what he’s up to, check out his personal website to learn more.

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