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Published on June 15th, 2021 | by Al Geiner


Sofia Evangelina – Endure  A  Review

Having a  the chance to review Sofia Evangelina’s debut single This is Your Song back in 2018, three years later  this teen has certainly developed her craft into a mature offering well beyond her years. Endure, the latest  release from Sofia Evangelina is the maturity and professionalism culminated into a crisp, well-produced  soulful RnB number. Highlighting her expressive vocal range, contrasted with the impressive use of  dissonance, Sofia channels her promising ascension into the demanding genre of Singer/Songwriter RnB.  Endure is rich with themes of strength and overcoming obstacles, a feel-good track with an emotional  connection layered on top of a deep funk and hypnotic grooves; “I will, I will Endure, I was made for so  much more. I will, I will Endure, I’ve been in this place before”. What really strikes, is the inarticulation of  most of the lyrics, as Sofia chooses to not focus on making every syllable clear as she belts out her majestic  range. This is highly effective as the listener is drawn into the elegance of her vocals and in turn, feels the  lyrics more than just hear them. This artistic talent is generally reserved for the Christina’s, Beyonce, and  Celine’s of music yet here it is in a Vancouver teen quickly being noticed.

The production on Endure is well-executed as each frequency is clear across the listening field using delay  effects competently to fill the dynamic range. With plenty of headroom left in the mix, Endure can be  cranked up, distortion-free allowing those deep bass grooves to hit the listener like a heartbeat. Endure could fit very well into any Urban/Pop/Adult Contemporary radio playlist as its melodies revolve around  each other building tension before releasing into the downbeat. Listeners should pay attention to this  phrasing as the syncopated beats coupled with the superlative vocals make Endure a highly replayable  track leading to enjoyment with each new listen. Paying attention to Sofia Evangelina’s career up to this  point, shows the growth musically and professionally, endure is the product of hard work and innate talent  which is a pleasure to witness. Sofia is the artist to watch as the potential for the next big thing in Pop/RnB.

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