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Published on August 17th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Inside the Life of a Serial Music Entrepreneur: Lito the Guy

His Extraordinary Journey of Becoming “Lito the Guy” and Helping the Music Community Prosper.

American record producer and artist, Hipolito Carvalho has been making music since he was 18. He’s an instrumentalist, a music consultant, and a digital marketer who helps artists make and scale their music careers. He goes by the stage name “Lito the Guy” and releases tracks featuring other artists on various esteemed music platforms. His videos are quite unique as compared to most independent artists in the field, formatted with animations instead of live video action. 

Musical Journey

Lito was brought up in a small town called Pawtucket in Rhode Island. Since childhood, he has enjoyed hip-hop, dance, classical, film scores, and international music. When he was in college pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Engineering and Digital Media, he kick-started his musical career. With time, he began developing his production skills and started collaborating with independent artists in professional recording studios to unravel hidden talents. 

Lito draws his inspiration from artists and DJs such as Dj Khaled, Dj Mustard, Skrillex, Diplo, Marshmello, Metro Boomin, David Guetta, Zedd, Kygo, and many other artists. 

Alongside his music career, he also helps artists create their brands on social media, get discovered by the masses, and promote their music on various online platforms. He now has a small community that aims at discovering the most talented artists around the world. 

Dreams And Visions

Lito dreams of achieving and sustaining financial freedom for the rest of his life. He wishes to collaborate with the greatest talents within the independent artists’ community and uplift budding artists through his influence and community. He likes to help artists formulate a robust career plan for growth and guide them to create outstanding music. In fact, he’s very passionate about finding and developing new sounds and music that shows how dedicated he is to his craft. 

Besides his music, Lito likes spending quality time with his family and loved ones while maintaining a work-life balance. He wishes to attain that kind of stability in his life where he could make music as he pleases. 

He advises budding artists to dive fully into their craft and think of their music from a business point of view. He urges them to believe in themselves and not rely on others for approval. 

His Business and Services Offered

Lito the Guy has co-founded a company named “A.L.I.E.N Entertainment” dedicated to offering support and networking systems to artists, along with two other partners. They are mainly offering services including social media marketing, artist branding, consulting, music rollout strategies to help artists structure their music business and market their own music. They also offer digital marketing services wherein they set up YouTube ad campaigns for artists while also managing their social media, Spotify playlist pitching, and Soundcloud Repost Pool. 

Check out their website to book a session with him or place a query. There, you can also submit to be featured in their uprising magazine “Supernova”.

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