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Published on August 2nd, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Landon Hall on His Experience of Working With the Best Names in the Industry

It is not often that you get to meet and work with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, but Landon Hall has done it. The young drummer is one of the musicians who have a notable international following, winning over fans from all parts of the world.

Landon Hall is a renowned drummer, composer, actor and businessman. As a drummer for the De La Torre band, Hall has gained international fame and recognition for his impeccable skills. Besides his music and acting careers, Landon is also the founder of Diemond Star, a drumstick company that designs the best and most sought-after drumming sticks in the market.

With his rich portfolio and diverse interest in genres, Landon has gotten to work with many celebrities in the industry. He has notably worked with the legendary songwriter and producer Desmond Child as his main drummer. Hall describes working with Desmond Child as a highlight in his career. Though young, Landon Hall has heaps of experience since he developed an interest in drumming as a child. When he got his first drumming set at 9, he practiced hard, and by 11, he played for a megachurch and the worship team through his teenage years.

Hall has described working with the legendary Diamond Star as a once in a lifetime opportunity that he is fortunate to have had. Besides working alongside the star, he learnt a lot from his as a producer and songwriter. According to Landon, every experience is different, and that’s what makes it so much better. The more he interacts with other genres, different styles of playing and people in the industry, the more he grows in his craft and learns about his strengths and skill.

Landon also credits Desmond Child for getting him, and his band featured on the show 100 things to do before high school on Nickelodeon. This opened up opportunities for him to be featured on other networks like Lifetime, CBS, ABC, Netflix and others. He has also played sold-out arena shows, sharing a stage with Katey Sagal, Bon Jovi and many others.

In Landon Hall’s words, playing with a legendary artist gives you a high that you cannot explain. He values the exposure he has received from working with Desmond Child and hopes for more opportunities to do so in the future.


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