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Published on August 14th, 2021 | by Malcolm “A.S.T.A.T.E” Worsham


Who is Jai Musiq?

With his southern charm and Memphis roots, Jai Musiq has been on the music scene since the summer of 2015. Jai’s charismatic and soulful upbringing in Memphis, TN creatively blends Gospel, R&B, Hip Hop, & Blues into a one of a kind sound that is sure to captivate you through every listen.

His debut project, The JJEP, introduced a new Memphis sound, highlighting Jai’s innovative stray away from the usual, while simultaneously staying true to the city that raised him. His sophomore project Dolan Drive Dreams emphasized Jai’s resilience to get back to his true self, while paying homage to those who he draws inspiration from, such as Drake, J. Cole, and Kid Cudi. He returned in 2018 with his debut album The Sap Junt,

Last year, Jai released his second album, All4y’all, in August of 2020. This masterpiece contains 17 songs describing Jai’s journey not only as an artist but also as a man. The project hit 100k streams on Spotify within 3 months of its release.

This is just the beginning for Jai Musiq. With his graduation from the historical Morehouse College in May of 2018 behind him, Jai will continue to put his all into a passion that came into his life and changed everything forever: the music.

Hype: Where are you from and when did you first fall in love with hip-hop? 

Jai Musiq: I’m from Memphis, TN, the Whitehaven area to be exact. I probably first got exposed with hip hop by listening to Tupac and Biggie. My mom hated the vulgar rap that was coming out when I was growing up, but since they were considered old school, she didn’t care about me listening to them. I fell in love with the genre by listening to people like Kid Cudi, Drake, Kanye, J. Cole, and Wiz. One of the first albums I remember buying with my own money was Graduation.

Hype: Who are your early musical influences and role models? 

Jai Musiq: My early musical influences as far as creating are Drake, Kid Cudi, and J. Cole. Drake because of his hit-making ability. Cudi because of his vulnerability in his music that resonates with his cult following. J. Cole for the rapping and story telling ability. More recently I’ve been influenced by people like Frank Ocean (Blond specifically) and Tyler, the Creator. They’ve changed the way that I look at making music. Most songs have a chorus/verse format, but it seems like they just do what they feel and I love that. As far as career-wise, I’d model myself after Curren$y. Everybody knows him and everybody respects him. At the same time, his business isn’t outed like more famous artists. He can kick it in New Orleans like a regular guy and still get that respect while making money with his music and his other endeavors. That’s the goal: rich, not famous.

Hype:  Who is Jai Musiq? 

Jai Musiq: I am.

Hype:  When did you first decide that you were going to pursue music? 

Jai Musiq: I first decided to pursue music on a serious level the summer after my freshman year of college in 2015. I had been doing music my whole life through different band and choir programs in school, but that was when the dream kind of began for me. I dropped my first project that year: The Josh Johnson EP.

Hype: Memphis has a lot of music history. What makes it so significant coming out of this city? 

Jai Musiq: Memphis definitely does have a lot of history here, and the significance of me coming from here is me feeling like I have the ability to add to it. Memphis music has gone through many phases. From the blues to STAX, then from there to Three 6 Mafias and 8 Ball & MJGs, then from there to where we are now with trap music taking over fully. With my sound, I feel like I can help highlight a sound out of Memphis that doesn’t get as much recognition as it deserves.

Hype: You recently did a show with Goldie Rebel last week, what was that experience? 

Jai Musiq: The show with Goldie Rebel was amazing. I love to perform, and I’m grateful that Goldie thought of me to put on the lineup. Even more grateful that me paid me too (haha). The vibes were impeccable in the building; it felt like I was in a sold out FedEx Forum. Hopefully I get there one day.

Hype:  What are y’all trying to accomplish for the city of Memphis? 

Jai Musiq: The main goal I feel like my counterparts and I are trying to accomplish is to provide for our loved ones by doing what we love to do. Yeah, making music is therapy for most of us and it’s definitely fun, but that aspect can’t be ignored. We also want to change the vibe of the city through the music. I believe that music is very powerful. More powerful than most believe. Memphis often gets a bad rep for the crime that happens here. While some would say I’m reaching, I believe that the popular genre of music here has a lot to do with glorifying that lifestyle. I can’t knock what people were born into or what they have to face on the daily, but I do know that if we placed a spotlight on the more positive music coming out of the city, we could make some major change if done correctly.

Hype: Ya’ll just recently released your last single “Be” , what does the song mean to you?

8. Be is probably my favorite song to date. It means a lot to me not only because of the message that I intended to portray through but also because of the reaction that it’s gotten so far. So many people have reached out to me and told me that the song made them smile, or even just brightened up whatever mode they were in. That’s the biggest compliment to me. One of my biggest goals as an artist is to positively impact whoever listens to me. The message about just being yourself is something I’m sure all of us need to hear in our various chapters of our lives.

Hype: Ya’ll just recently released your last single “Be” , what does the song mean to you?

Jai Musiq:  Success to me is honestly just feeling like I’m fulfilling my purpose in this world. I believe that I was placed here to spread love. In fact, we all are. There are just different ways to do it; my way is through my music. Of course, I want to be able to provide my family with a sufficient lifestyle. I don’t want anyone I love to have to want for anything.

Hype: Define success to you? 

Jai Musiq:  The two things that separate me from my peers are my work ethic and versatility. Not saying that other artists don’t work hard. They definitely do. I’ve worked with a lot of them. But I just take it to another level it seems. Every month, I’m doing at least 2 shows independently. I’m a brand ambassador for a couple of my friends’ clothing companies. Constantly dropping content and quality music. And that music can’t be placed in a box. I like to touch on all kinds of vibes. As an artist and a human, I feel as if it’s important to touch on every aspect of life that I can. At the end of the day, we all face different things. My goal is to put all of that in the music so that anyone can listen to me and find something to resonate with.

Hype: Which artist/producers would you like to work with soon? 

Jai Musiq:  Honestly, I don’t think about working with others as much as you’d think. Of course, I want to keep creating with my friends. That’s the most organic process for me. If we’re talking big names though? I’d love to work with Pharrell and Frank Ocean for sure.

Hype: What’s next for you?

Jai Musiq:  Well, now that I’ve dropped the Be single, I definitely want to push that as far as it can go. I feel like it’s such a great song, and I want to be able to do everything that I can with it. I’m also working on another project, so hopefully I’m able to get that to y’all pretty soon. Outside of that, whatever God has for me, I’m open to receive.

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