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Published on September 26th, 2021 | by Jones


How the IVE Experience Introduces Electronic Raves To Remote African Tribes For The First Time in History

Electronic musician and DJ IVE has crafted the first installment of his new Ive Experience – a compelling and intentional concert experience that brings electronic music to remote African tribes for the first time in history.

In the first visual installment, the IVE Experience visits the remote Himba tribe in Namibia and introduces them to the wonders of electronic music. “Imagine introducing electronic music to someone who has never even owned a radio… someone who spends all their time living in harmony with nature and has never allowed technology to influence their life,” says DJ and artist IVE. “As a tribe that spends a lot of their time singing and dancing, we were amazed, but not surprised, to watch them fall in love with our modern music.”

Originally a nomadic tribe of hunter-gatherers, the Himbas are now almost all settled in villages. Maintaining their ancestral way of life through elements like traditional clothing (both men and women remain bare-chested with only simple leather loincloths tied around the waist), hairstyles, ancient beauty rituals, and their way of home-making brings a stark contrast to the modern-day sights and sounds of an electronic DJ rave. However, it’s powerful to witness the striking similarities between two worlds that are seemingly so different. Living their lives to the rhythm of the movements necessary to sustain their lifestyle, African polyrhythms were a natural inspiration to electro music as the founders of techno turned spiritual ceremonies into raves, inspired by the rhythmic loops that dominated the rituals.

In the vein of Cercle Music, the IVE Experience aims to build bridges between cultures through music and allow the world to better understand the powerful connection that music brings between cultures and people that seem to be so different from one another. After the rousing success of this first cross-cultural journey, IVE has set a goal of traveling the world introducing electronic music to faraway places and finding audiences that few could have ever imagined reaching. “Electronic music is one of the strongest trends of our time, and introducing it to the indigenous people of Namibia has been an unforgettable experience,” says IVE. An idea, a dream, a destination, and a lot of positive madness, this is only the first taste of what is to come from the international IVE Experience.

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