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Published on September 27th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Who Is Double Threat Hailey Jordan?!

One of the positives about the era of social media is you get to watch people and learn the difference between those just talking and those REALLY trying to move forward. As we watch the journeys of the various influencers and personalities, some people just stand out and Hailey Jordan is one of those. As an urban model, she’s up against stereotypes of what that means and I just don’t think it’s how that genre of model should be boxed in. So instead of minding my own business, I reached out to get a better understanding of this model who turns out to be a double threat as she also has some skill with the pen and is in the studio writing for not only herself, but other artists as well. Let’s meet her shall we?!

Hailing from up state Michigan, the talent known as Hailey Jordan started her modeling career from humble beginnings with dreams of one day being seen on television and in magazines. As an early teen she started on the path to achieve that by doing talent shows, pageants, and band.

After a mall try out for a children’s fashion show she was approached by several agents and modeling school’s. She attended several Mom and Pop programs before attending John Casablanca. There she gained knowledge and techniques of the trade. Upon completing the program, she participated in a series of fashion shows, commercials, music videos, photoshoots, and reels.

After taking a couple years off, Hailey moved south to Atlanta to rebrand herself and pick up her childhood dream. She’s currently working with major label acts in several genres via writing, recording, and back modeling full-time like she never stopped. With her motto “work harder and smarter”, everyday she gets closer to the goal; Success! Soon the world will know dreams come true. Hailey is Here!

From the outside looking in, who is Hailey Jordan?

Hmmmm…. I’m a multi talented girl from the Midwest. Mother, sister, aunt, great friend and most of all God fearing. Occasionally, I’ve been called a great cook hahahahaha; and if you need a strong drink I’m your girl. I never really asked myself this question due to now that I look at it, I’m alot of woman wrapped into this 5’5 frame.

What has been the most rewarding part of your career?

Great question! Just being able to wake up and do what I love to do. Having an idea and creating it, is an amazing experience when it turns out right. Never thought I’d get paid to take pictures, although as a little girl it was my dream.

How do you see the growth of the industry for what are considered urban models?

From back in the day to now the growth is astronomical. Now you can be any age, race, height, weight, etc. Also the models have more power now in the sense of branding, controlling and creating their own brand. Before it was all agencies, photographers, and the powers that be. Now “we” the talent have more leverage. It’s an awesome era in fashion.

Besides being beautiful, you have some talent with the pen! What do you most love about stretching your wings in the music industry? 

I’m able to express myself in another form of art. I Thank God for the talents he’s given me. Having the outlet of music and working with talent I use to club to is crazy, but I love it!

Aside from working with other artists do you have a personal project coming that you can tell us about?

NOPE, you’re going to have to wait see. But it’s about to be a MOVIE!!! I’m on the way.

Outside of music and fashion/beauty, what are your passions?

FAMILY. Making sure my love ones are good. Life is short.

What’s been your funniest WTF experience so far in your career?

LOL, on a photoshoot I was working with another female talent and she started doing the teeth chop. I was like WTH lol. She said “I don’t know if I want to bite you or the photographer”!!!!

Where can we find you online?

Twitter: IamHaileyJordan
FB Hailey Jordan
FB Fan Page Therealhaileyjordan

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