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Published on October 11th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


How Music Helped the Talented Musician Usman Ashraf Change His Perspective

Usman Ashraf is a self-made musician who has worked hard to carve out a unique position in the music industry. He has faced many hurdles in his journey of pursuing music, but nothing has stopped him from continuing his passion for music.

Since childhood, Usman has been highly passionate about music. But he knew that nothing in this life comes easy, and if you have a dream, you must work hard to achieve it. He started practicing music at the age of six and spent long hours creating new beats and rhythms in his room. His interest grew bigger when he went to middle school, and he realized that if he wanted to join the entertainment industry, he also needed to learn other music-related skills. He joined a chorus, practiced dance for his live performances, and whatnot. By the time he was graduating from high school, he was clear in his head that he wanted to pursue music as a full-time career. 

However, the road to meet your dreams is not as smooth as you desire it to be. The fear of failure and the thought of making handsome money led Usman to medical school. He was studying and losing himself at the same time. His heart was not into medicine, and he kept on practicing music instead of burying his head into thick fat books of medicine. When he had enough, he quit medical school and decided to officially make music. 

Usman transforms all the struggles and pain he endured in his life into his music. His beats represent his feelings and thought processes. He has a goal to inspire youth through his music. He wishes to tell people by his music that he understands what they are going through, and he’s got their back.


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