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Build the Beautiful House of Your Dreams


We all know the story of Goldilocks. She enters a little house and the beds she wants to sleep in are too big, then too small, then finally, just right. That’s what it’s like to buy your own house nowadays. You either get an interior that is too unique, or too bland, but never just right.

We all have a dream house, and it’s in style to build your own home with your own two hands. Some building trends are built to last a lifetime, such as smart home technology, and energy-efficient, eco-friendly designs. To design a house that fits your lifestyle boils down to the details. What decorations do you want to see in your home? What devices can you absolutely not live without? We talked to the Top Custom Home Builders and compiled a list of 10 custom home trends — covering smart home technology to all the in-style home building trends, to inspire your inner designer. Read on to learn more!

#1 Introduce Edges and Curves 

Embrace modern chic — out with the old, in with the new. As opposed to the European and Victorian designs of the past, the now preferred style of modern chic houses focuses on simple designs that pack a punch; lining your homes with clean, contemporary lines. The lines blend harmoniously with the curves, creating a warm and pleasant vibe in your home. Imagine smoothly curved ceilings with angular entryways, and beautiful arches on your windows and doors softened by straight exterior lines. 

#2 Create Harmonious Transitions to Majestic Exteriors

Looking sharp has never been easier for those living in tropical climates. The best way to do this is to create living spaces that make you look like you’re always on a holiday! Here’s a secret: merge your outdoor and indoor living spaces, and create movement between these spaces. You can build seamless journeys from your kitchen to your garden and to your courtyard by surrounding your house with plants. Build a complete outdoor living area with luxurious furnishings and ample room to host your largest circle of friends. With features like an infinity pool, a waterfall, or a concrete fire pit set with chairs, going home will soon feel like going on a luxurious getaway. 

#3 Embed Smart Home Functions

Homebuilding today is driven by smart technology — putting in the little details that you can’t see. Integrate security systems superior to the average intercom system by using artificial intelligence, and incorporate convenience into your daily lifestyle. Adjust your window shades, thermostats, and security cameras remotely, and never have to worry about safety in your own home again. 

#4 Build Dramatic Ceilings

Use dramatic ceilings to impress your visitors. What’s in trend now? Barrel, coffered, and tray ceilings that catch the eye as a beautiful centerpiece in any home. These ceilings can pair with any interior design — even farmhouse chic. 

#5 Use Ambient Light

An abundance of natural light is brought into homes by large windows, glass-enclosed cabinetry, and strategically positioned windows. The use of glass in lighting a space is becoming increasingly popular rather than multitudes of light fixtures. A bright, elegant space is created by French doors, floor-to-ceiling glass doors, and mirrors that flow seamlessly into the garden area.

#6 Go Green 

The dream of owning an eco-friendly home is high on many homeowners’ lists. We all want to preserve our planet and ensure it remains beautiful and livable in the years to come. By choosing high-efficiency pool pumps, air conditioners, appliances, and more, you can minimize your expenses and carbon footprint. If you want to reduce the need for irrigation, you can design your garden spaces with native, drought-tolerant plants and flowers. Building a beautiful home that cares for the planet is never a problem if you take the time to construct it carefully. 

#7 Use A Little Help In The Kitchen

Kitchens can now be designed with smart technology to provide you with the most fuss-free cooking experience you’ve ever had. These intelligent kitchen extras are designed to blend perfectly into your home without even cluttering your kitchen space. For example, covered sinks can serve as chopping boards! Cut down your time in the kitchen with smart kitchen appliances — integrated appliances will never go out of style. With custom cabinetry, today’s sleek tech products blend into the background like wood-paneled appliances did decades ago.

#8 Go Au Naturale

Do away with the dark colors of the night, and embrace the soft earth tones we see in nature — using materials like wood, stone, and quartz to decorate your home. Spruced-up fireplaces with stone as opposed to the predictable brickwork, and bathrooms are now made to shine with tiles that provide the beautiful sparkles that elevate your whole washing experience. Elegance shines through the subtle details you put into your house. 

#9 Build Guest Houses

Guesthouses are coming back in style and they are more useful than ever. Equip your home with all the things your loved ones will want to use for their visit, and offer seclusion from the master house. Why stop at guesthouses? Why not upgrade them to be an additional master house? Offer your guests all the luxuries they could only dream of luxurious spa-like bathrooms, spacious wardrobes, and limitless space. Mi casa es su casa — secondary master suites give your visitors a heavenly retreat to unwind in your home and treat it like their own. 

#10 Shiny Master Baths

With today’s hectic world, it’s important to take a break at home. Why not build a place where you could begin and end each day in peace? Spa-like bathrooms enhance the summery feeling of an actual day spa. There are a variety of design features that can be used to create your oasis, including walk-in rain showers, vanities, saunas, and steam rooms. The use of natural components, cool colors, and modern decor will make your new master bath your new go-to place to relax and unwind. Why not design your own unique space today?


Don’t let your dreams be dreams! Make your house the holiday spot of your greatest desires. Make your neighbors envious of the sparkle decorating your home. Don’t be humble, be creative! Make your house just right — not too big, not too small. Build your own home today!



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