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Entrepreneur and Coach Taurea Vision Avant Speaks on How to Make 10K as an Author

Taurea Vision Avant is a computer science graduate from Hampton University. She is an author of more than 15+ books and the latest include “The 10k Book”, “Don’t Go Broke Trying to Be a Business Owner“ and “How Not To Be A Broke Author”. She has been featured on ABC, Fox, CBS, and more! In 2009 she founded Show Your Success LLS where she has helped more than 5000+ speakers, coaches, and network marketers to write profitable books to grow their business. In 2019 she took her business to the next level by creating The Book Profits Club™ which is a club designed to help authors promote, profit, and perform. In 2020, Taurea was able to also add the title of TEDx speaker to her resume where she was one of the first to ever do a virtual TEDx conference as a speaker. Her goal for this year is to help more than 1000 authors to generate more than $10,000+ per month. We asked Taurea to drop some gems on us for the aspiring authors out there:

Tell us where you’re from, and how did your upbringing influence your success thus far?

Taurea: My name is Taurea, pronounced like Maria with a T. I am originally from Hampton, VA. My parents were both in the US airforce. Being that I had parents who also had a disciplined life, I feel that much of my influence started there. My mother who unfortunately passed when I was only 11 years taught me what it meant to live a life of love. My mother was one of the most loving souls ever. My father was more of a disciplinary person but he was truly a loving person as well.

A true daddy’s girl would be the best definer of me. My love for technology most definitely was influenced by my father who was what I saw as a tech genius. I believe it is my love for technology that has allowed me to dominate when it comes to my industry today.

One thing about me is that I also always commend my father for he was always extremely supportive when it came to me starting business ventures. He never told me, and he was my number one supporter. He, unfortunately, passed away from stage 4 lung cancer in 2006. I was also blessed with a 2nd mother who also has been a true impact on my life. She basically was the mother figure that helped me to become a woman today. Because of her, I have learned not to take things too seriously and to focus on what makes me happy.

To fast forward to today, I know that there were so many more people that truly have impacted my life to have the level of success that I have had today but with every building structure, there must be first a foundation. I attribute my foundation of building my life to my parents.

When you decided to write your first book, what challenges did you have to overcome?

Taurea: In 2012, I was a top leader in my network marketing business but hit a wall in my growth. I was trying to figure out a way to cross over into a space where I didn’t just impact those in the industry of network marketing but also in the traditional business world. I went to a seminar that talked about the power of being an author. From that conference, I then invested over $10,000 into a business coach and started my journey in becoming an author.

The thing that blew me away the most was that being an author opened so many more doors than I could have imagined. Instantly I was seen as an expert in the space of development. It was at that time that I knew I had to teach others the power behind being an author of the right book.

What’s one major key you can share as to how you landed your coveted TEDx talk?

Taurea: This is a funny story. Do you know how people always say things like “move in silence”? Well, I do NOT believe in that. The reason being is because it was when I put on my vision wall a picture of TEDx and I shared that I wanted to be a speaker for TEDx to my social media following. Then I got a message from Dr. Stevii Aisha Mills who shared that there was a TEDx opportunity and she showed me what I had to do to audition. So I immediately jumped on it. I didn’t hesitate.

What is crazy is that I was given that audition less than two weeks from the day that I posted that picture on my wall. Did I feel 100% ready? No! Was I scared as all get out? Yes! Did I know that this was God Sent? Absolutely.

What is one of the biggest mistakes new authors make?

Taurea: They write a book with the goal of selling the book vs writing a book to sell. Many authors have these big dreams of making a ton of money, which they should. However, the challenge with that is that it’s very hard to make a ton of money with just books sales. The genre that I teach in is “How To/Self-Help”. One thing I’ve come to learn is that most people who read a self-help book is that they don’t want to just read the book. That person is looking for the results that the book will help them with. They are looking for transformation.

So with that stated, once they read your book… they are going to look for more transformation. They are truly wanting to know if you have more to provide. More products, More services, more… The biggest challenge I have with teaching my clients is that the transformation can’t just end with the book. There must be a next.

You’re creating a legacy of empowerment and education for those building their brand. What advice would you give to your younger self?

To not worry about who will and who won’t. Do not worry about those who don’t welcome you in. Your vision is not for those who don’t get you. Your vision is for you. There will be difficult times along the way but don’t you give up because there is no better feeling than to help someone who truly needs your help. Building a legacy is never easy but its always worth it.

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