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Published on April 1st, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Sulene – Electrosexual

Sulene’s music is a collage of upbeat synth-drenched electro-pop anthems thrown into a blender of early Nine Inch Nails industrial rock. It’s an invigorating mix served up in a giant glass of f*ck-it, be-precisely-who-you-are attitude.

In advance of her anticipated new EP In The Style of David Lynch (4/29 on Secret Friends Music Group/Trash Casual), Sulene releases her tantalizing bit of video voyeurism with her new single “Electrosexual.” If ever there were a video to get the senses heightened, it would be this. A sultry mix of dance moves, vibrant lighting, and….. arcade games? That’s right, the video is an exhibition of Sulene and her crew taking over a live venue/arcade to captivate the camera and the audience. Except there is no crowd. This is for an audience of one.

As the end credits roll over the end the camera fixates on a more subdued Sulene sitting on the couch watching the VHS tape dropped on her doorstep with absolute focus and obsession. The roof could cave in around her and she would still be mesmerized by the visuals in front of her. One look at the content of the tape and nobody could blame her.

When asked where she sees herself fitting into pop music today… “I see myself as a break from the seriousness, to be honest. The last few years have been so tough, for obvious reasons, and personally, I’ve really enjoyed listening to upbeat, silly, experimental music. And that’s all I ended up wanting to make over the last year. There’s a lot of tough-in-cheek stuff going on in my new EP and I just want to make people smile and dance. And there’s one “more serious” track that I hope will mean something to people as well.” Confidence while staying humble is an art form in itself.

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