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Published on May 7th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Bubbling up From the Underground: SunniThaRapper

When you run across an artist that stops you in your tracks these days, as SunniThaRapper did me, it’s only right to take the time to acknowledge the fact that they’ve impacted you…sometimes we just enjoy and keep scrolling, unfortunately. I happened to run across a clip of her on IG performing, and one of the things that stopped my scroll was the audience interaction. Folks were crowded to the front of the stage, reciting her lyrics and enjoying her stage presence…she was giving them an experience; they were partying WITH her, not just being entertained. Her star quality was on full display.

As I went beyond IG and the surface *ish, it became apparent that she’d spent time in what is known as BootCamp today, but the proper term is artist development; her walk, her talk, etc., have been elevated and polished under none other than Matthew Knowles so that when she hits the stage or camera, all her inner power comes forefront…not smash mouth in your face kind of aggression but that confident “I’ve put the work in” kind of presence which helps the personality exude confidence. I love that *ish!!! Ok, new fan moment over ~ JD

The song that got me on a roll about SunniThaRapper is called Look Good, and her team let me know that on May 24th, Sunni has a new joint dropping called Rare , which I’m excited to hear.


SunniThaRapper is originally from Los Angeles but raised in Mo-City, Texas. Her musical interest was birthed towards the end of high school with her best friends. Together they developed an all-female rap group known as BLUSH. Sunni was welcomed to the music industry by Matthew Knowles, her manager from 2014-2018. After BLUSH’s contract ended, both artists decided to become independent. They then formed the group T.O.D (Topic of Discussion).  Sunni recently decided to express herself as an individual, so she is now making her debut as a solo artist- SunniThaRapper.

Sunni credits her musical start to Tupac, Lauryn Hill, and Nicki Minaj, who heavily influenced her decision to pursue music. She is also currently inspired by Drake, Rihanna, Kevin Gates, Beyonce’, and Megan the Stallion. All of which have a work ethic she desires to mirror.

Sunni’s music is created with females in mind. She hopes to inspire women to take control of their lives, achieve every goal they set for themselves, and look and feel beautiful while doing so.

“Be a BOSS! Be the HBIC! Exude confidence and live by it always!“- SunniThaRapper

I got Sunni to take some time away from her photoshoots and other BOSS activities to weigh in on a few things!

From the inside looking out, who is Sunnitharapper?

Sunnitharapper is The HBIC. I am in control of my life and destiny! A Big Fine Boss who loves fashion and uplifting other women like my HBICs which is what my fan base is called.

Shy but confident. Always ready for a challenge. That’s Sunnitharapper.

What was the defining moment that brought you to music?

I started rapping as a challenge from a childhood friend who had been rapping for years. I always wrote poetry but I was finally checked to turn those rhymes into raps and fell in love with music even more from that moment on.

You’ve experienced group life and solo life; which fits you better?

Solo life definitely fits me better. My soul feels free to experiment, free to fail, just free.

With four years under the guidance of Matthew Knowles, what do you bring to the fabric of entertainment?

I bring the full package. I bring the talent, the music, the stage presence, the energy, and the personality. I went through artist development, and I know what it takes to become an ICON.

What most satisfies you about making music?

That feeling of knowing that people resonate with my mood and feelings…My music is a part of my personality; my music is my teacher also in life. I get to learn so much about myself with every song I make. It’s really intriguing at times.

I love your directness on Look Good. Do you think you found your individual voice with that joint, and will you continue in this vein in future projects?

Yes, Look Good was definitely my flow. It had been an energy burning inside of me that needed to be released. It was the first track I  recorded as a solo artist. It came out so perfect the first go-round. I knew it had to be my introduction song to the industry as Sunnitharapper.

I’ve seen some performance clips and see the fan engagement with you. Does that give you an extra boost on stage?

Man, my HBICs give me life on stage. To hear people saying your words gives me this overwhelming feeling of joy. It keeps me motivated when I’m at my low moments. It reminds me of the significance of my journey.

What’s the most fun about being Sunnitharapper?

I get to do what I love every day while making people smile. I’m never not happy for too long. I believe life is too short to stay mad. I love seeing people happy. I’ve been like that since I was a toddler. I always protected people, even people who hurt me, because I always saw the good in people.

Hopes and plans for 2022?

My Hopes and plans for 2022 are to build the brand of Sunnitharapper. To build my music catalog and my numbers. To also give back more in my community to my women especially.

Who’s on your bucket list to collab with?

Drake and Timbaland are on my top bucket list.

What’s the most important thing we should know about SunniThaRapper?

That everything about me is pure and genuine, I am a hard worker, and I’m not going anywhere!

Where can we find you online?

All social media’s is Sunnitharapper, my Tiktok, Twitter ,YouTube and Instagram.

Parting words?

Let’s all smile more and be kind to people; you never know what someone is dealing with

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