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How Insiderz is Revolutionizing the NFT Industry as an ‘End-to-End’ Agency

I) Introduction

In an ever-changing world, humans must react to new societal and technological norms, by nature. Fears and doubts appear when the public doesn’t understand the reason for these changes. More often than not, people are generally reluctant to accept new technology when it is first invented. Society and culture progress when civilizations incorporate innovations in a way that positively disrupts the status quo while maintaining the best of its past.

II) Blockchain technology & NFT opportunities

Blockchain’s revolutionary network is an innovative peer-to-peer protocol that helps digital investors and entrepreneurs ensure the immutability of significant international industries. Visionary business people are using smart contracts and transparent ledgers – enabled by the blockchain  – to invent new types of money (cryptocurrency) as well as transform our understanding of art, authentication, ownership, & community (NFTs).

Specifically, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are capturing the hearts and minds of entrepreneurs, investors, celebrities, and art enthusiasts across the globe because of their revolutionary combination of art and innovative technology. With NFT technology, digital artists and entrepreneurs can transform digital art into a ‘token’ or verifiable asset on the blockchain network. This token is secure and serves as an authenticated as well as a transparent certificate of ownership that is impossible to fake. This helps digital creators as the increased security and authentication protocols increase the demand for digital art.

III) What is Insiderz?

Introducing Insiderz, the ‘end-to-end’ NFT agency leading the industry by democratizing access to Web 3. Insiderz is on a mission to help artists, entrepreneurs, and brands jump into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens. Since NFT projects are complicated ventures that involve many steps – from the inception of the art to the roadmap to the business plan to the software to the community to marketing – the Insiderz’s team provides expertise in every stage along the way. Bringing their respective experience as a leader of Samurai Cats and as an advisor, strategic analyst, and PR & marketing lead at Oxya Origin, Sascha Cohen and Nathalie Taieb are major players on the Insiderz team.

With a vertically integrated and fully committed team, Insiderz provides essential resources and tools to their clients, including art creation, formation of innovative yet realistic roadmaps, software & utilities development, marketing strategies, and community outreach & management. Insiderz is the best NFT project incubator in the industry, drawing on the team’s strategic vision and collective experience. Insiderz works with all types of NFT projects including art, collectibles, avatars, Defi games, metaverse creations, and videos.

 IV) Offers models

Major brands and established companies that wish to find investors and launch their projects with Insiderz have three different options tailored to their specific needs:

  • 1) “All-In” Model: this model is perfect for NFT artists & entrepreneurs looking to find investors to get their project off the ground without spending any money themselves. Insiderz will facilitate 100% of the investment and help the project gain traction, enabling the entrepreneur to benefit from profit sharing.
  • 2) “Peer to Peer” Model: this model is perfect for NFT artists & entrepreneurs who already have and are willing to invest in their projects. Insiderz can partially invest and share the profits with the entrepreneur.
  • 3) Casino” Model: this model is perfect for NFT artists & entrepreneurs who want to retain complete ownership of their project. Insiderz can simply take its margin as an agency and add the team’s strategic expertise and resources to the project where it fits.

This business model flexibility, along with the team’s vertical integration, is a key differentiator that separates Insiderz from the competition.

V) Insiderz projects

The Insiderz team has successfully helped launch multiple NFT projects to date. Insiderz focuses on longer-term NFT projects as opposed to working with ephemeral players. This is a strategic decision as Insiderz hopes to help foster a healthier NFT community with committed players. With over 40 projects in the pipeline, Insiderz values diversity and a unique customer experience. The Insiderz team’s main focus is to build a strong value proposition to establish long-term partnerships and deliver on their promises. The projects mentioned below are projects Insiderz is working on for a summer launch

1)   Daosaur

NFT enthusiasts can find the successful NFT collection “Daosaur,” with over 20,000 subscribers on their social networks, the concept is to belong to a private club, where whales of this market help the community navigate in the NFT and crypto sphere. The Daosaur are true traders, and it shows; using high-end 3D modeling. Each Dao’s unique qualities are registered on the Ethereum blockchain. Marking their unique personality, positions, and style. Every one of them is a ferocious crypto and NFT trader.

“Trading is basically exchanging assets based on their predicted future value. And to predict the future value of an asset, the first step is to base your prediction on data. Today’s basic NFT trading tools track NFT whales activity based on the valuation of their wallet. the Insiderz team believes think this is a huge mistake because the valuation of the wallet means nothing! The most important thing is the performance as an NFT trader.”

The Daosaur Tool will track the activity of the best performing NFT wallet with a more advanced data mining process than other trading tools. Daolisted members will be alerted of identified wallet clusters on the same NFT collection via Discord. The Daosaur Tool will then be developed as a cell phone application. Users will receive alerts about identified wallet clusters and can take action!

2)   Crypto world

Insiderz also works on Metaverse projects like “Crypto Word”, it is an educational project facilitating access to web 3, especially via a very intuitive interface teaching the user how to create their own crypto wallet for example, but also how to buy crypto with the different payment methods (credit card, paysafe, transfer), how to buy and sell NFT in the easiest way possible and how to optimize the presentation of the NFTs on the project’s social platform.

3)   Raphael Federici

A project modus operandi of combining the best of both disciplines, Insiderz is disrupting both the traditional art world and the NFT community with its exciting partnership with widely popular and multi-talented artist Raphael Federici. Federici will be hand drawing all of the NFTs he works on with Insiderz, which is unique in the space as many NFT projects generate art based on algorithmic automation. Moreover, Federici and the Insiderz team will send a physical hand-drawn copy of the art to the collectors who purchase their NFTs, further linking the digital to the real. One of their first projects together will be creating NFTs for Federici’s legendary “A Spirited Sailor” artworks.

Insiderz has many other projects including ones with famous & very exclusive nightclubs and restaurants…

VI) Activities & Events

In addition to the multiple areas of activities, Insiderz is present at all major events of the web 3 ecosystem, their teams were present at the “NFT Day” with one of the biggest booths for the first event of the company which was a total success, they were also present at the “Paris Blockchain Week” and the “Metafest” event during which they sold an NFT of the artist “Raphael Federici” at auction for 2.2 ETH.

Insiderz was also present at events such as the “Cannes Film Festival” and the “Big Boss Event” to promote the web 3 ecosystem, its activities, and the team’s ambitions as a leading NFT agency in the “end-to-end” industry.

The Insiderz team also plans to participate in all upcoming conventions and events around the web 3 ecosystem, in France and internationally, like “NFT.NYC” event which will take place on June 20-23 2022 in New York, it is one of the biggest NFT events in the world.

The “MET AMS” event which will take place on June 14-17 in Amsterdam, the event will explore different aspects of metaverse culture, from how NFTs and the metaverse are impacting every industry – from art and music through to fashion and gaming – as well as covering important topics like diversity, inclusion, and sustainability. The festival will bring the metaverse and this new technology to life, making this one of the most immersive conferences to date.

The Ethereum Community Conference, which will take place on June 19-21 is the largest annual European Ethereum event focused on technology and community. This will include intense days of conferences, networking, and learning as well as the Viva Technology event; the Viva Technology event is the world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation. It’s a gathering of the world’s brightest minds, talents, and products.

To finish, the Insiderz team also organizes its own events called “The Whitelist party” with the objective to unite and federate a french community around the Insiderz project and the web 3 ecosystem, this event has already taken place in Paris in January and the team plans to carry out the next editions everywhere in the world, like in Dubai, New York, and London over the next few years.

VII) Conclusion

To conclude, the Insiderz activities are many and varied, one of their goals is to find and propose solutions to develop projects linking web 2 and web 3, due to their experiences, expertise, and their different business models adapted to the needs of each project.

Insiderz aims to participate in the development of the web 3 ecosystem by implementing concrete initiatives, such as hackathons, pitches competition, project funding, whitelist party, scholarship, and a few others…

Insiderz believes they can bring value by helping these entrepreneurs, artists, and brands with incubation, advice, structure, and growth. “Find golden nuggets and offer their best chance” is the Insiderz mantra.





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