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Julius Paul Montgomery – Developing Society Through Education

A country or a society relies on multiple factors to develop. The country’s education system, financial condition, and Army play a vital role in maintaining sustainability, ensuring development, and preventing civil unrest respectively. Education is one of the essential aspects of a society’s growth and progress. When people are educated, they contribute to the development of their families and societies in multiple aspects. As a result, they create a stable community. There are various reasons why education is important for society. First, it creates employment opportunities. Societies suffering from poverty are the ones that lack educated individuals in the community. It is not easy to find a dream job that pays significant income to bear all the expenses during economic turmoil. One needs to compete with numerous candidates for a single vacant position. In addition, due to a lower level of education, many people apply for low-paying entry-level positions.

On the contrary, an individual with high qualifications and the right educational background can increase their opportunity to gain a fulfilling job. Education is one of the key reasons behind a family’s sustainability and society’s development. People who understand the importance of education aim to emphasize providing quality exposure to the students. One such individual is Julius Paul Montgomery, a retired US Army Operation Sergeant and a community hero.

One of the reasons education makes an individual worthy of doing great things in life is that it teaches problem-solving skills. A quality education system teaches students to develop critical and logical thoughts to make smart decisions in crucial times. When children grow and reach adulthood, they face a lot of challenges, such as qualifying for a student loan, getting a dream job, buying a car and house, and doing something special for the family. However, students who spend years on quality education can handle such situations without facing mental pressure. As a result, they make smart decisions.

In addition, people with good educational backgrounds tend to improve the economic condition of their families and community. These students get high-paying jobs. The higher education and accomplishments they have, the better job opportunities they get. Even if a student grows up in a low-income family, but gets a quality education can improve their living standards. Education teaches students how to live a happy and skillful life. It also teaches how to make people’s lives better. Therefore, educated individuals can help develop society and improve the country’s economy. Julius Montgomery has a similar purpose. The retired Army sergeant aims to improve the quality of education in society to provide better opportunities for at-risk youth. He believes that education is the only solution to reducing poverty and developing society.

Julius was born in Clermont, Florida, on July 19, 1941. He has been serving his country for a long time. Montgomery has served 21 years in the US Army. Even after his retirement, he aims to do something for society. Thus, he provides quality educational exposure to the at-risk youth for their bright future. He provides education to young adults through his non-profit organization, Hero’s Club. Paul Montgomery founded Hero’s Club on June 19, 2019, with the mission to lead society’s at-risk youth out of challenges and transform them into successful citizens.

Julius joined the US Army in 1959 and gave his services till 1980. During his 21 years period, he served in various positions in the Army. He was an Operations Sergeant for a combat tank company in Vietnam, where his responsibilities included providing directions for combat operations. The job required him to coordinate with helicopters, engineers, infantry, and other combat factors to engage the operations. His tank company was honored as Vietnam’s number one tank company. The company went above and beyond the call of duty and received a “President Unit Citation.” 

After Vietnam, Montgomery had other responsibilities as an Army Operations Sergeant. He also gave his services in the DMZ of North and South Korea as a Senior Noncommissioned Officer. Plus, he was the operations sergeant for a top-secret nuclear program with a direct link to Washington.

Julius Montgomery also served as Army Recruiter, which promoted him to become an Army Recruiter Supervisor. While serving in this position, he created strong connections with several individuals, community groups, schools, and students. He not only became a successful recruiter but also developed his interest and passion for helping youth become successful and do something for their community. He found out that some at-risk students studying in grades six to eight left school because they could not compete with the majority.

After retirement from the Army, Julius founded Hero’s club with the aim to serve children from underserviced communities. He collaborates with volunteers to provide mentorship to the students with the help of heroes in the community. The campaign is based on volunteers and donations and aims to develop communities through education.


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