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Vicfamous Shares His Childhood Story and How it Drew Him Toward Music

His songs Animal Print and Ardiendo have more than 300 thousand streams on Spotify. He has already announced the release date of his subsequent music, Háblame Claro. His classic reggaeton beats make his followers look forward to his songs. He is none other than Vicfamous. But what influenced him to become a musician in the first place? What’s his childhood story? Let’s find out.

Developing a passion for music

Vicfamous always had a passion for music from a young age. He said, “As a kid, I often saw my father and my brother talk about music and listen to different types of songs. My father would tell me about the various artists and the different kinds of music they were famous for. I was fascinated by the way my father and brother would discuss music. It was as if they were involved with those songs so much that they felt they were their creations.

They would talk about the lyrics, the melody, and how the song made them feel. It was clear that they had a true passion for music. I think these discussions somehow made me what I am today. Watching them listen to so many different songs made me want to participate in the conversation. I, too, wanted to voice my opinion. But before that, I had to know about the songs first. So I had asked for a walkman from my father. Surprisingly, my father gifted me a Sony Discman for Christmas when I was 8, and that was the beginning of my passion for music.”

Inspiration to become an urban artist.

Very few people know that Vicfamous played drums in his school band. But this was long after he had started writing songs and composing them in his room. After receiving the Discman at 8, Vicfamous began to listen to Christian music first and then moved on to urban rap music from Funky, Manny Montes, and Vico. The beats were catchy, and the lyrics were easy to relate to. As he continued listening to more rap music, he developed his style. Soon, he made things and performed them for his friends and family. His love for music continued to grow, and he soon started performing in his school.

Because of these musicians, he wanted to become an urban artist. He was quick to adapt to this style of music and wrote lyrics that would fit into that genre. He even started playing drums in his school band. At that time, he had just begun to take drum lessons. Though he would later become famous as a singer and songwriter, drums gave him appreciation at school. He played with such passion and energy that he quickly became one of the most popular members of the band. His skills as a drummer continued to grow; by the time he graduated from high school, he was already an accomplished musician. 

Vicfamous had also participated in a talent contest in his school where he showed his skills as a beatboxer. It was clear from a young age that he would become a famous musician, especially with the skills and talent he possessed.

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