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Published on August 4th, 2022 | by Saqib Malik


Captivate Classics: Streetwear Brand That Represents L.A. Culture

Streetwear has always been a staple and symbol of what the local neighborhood represents, however, it has begun to gain traction in mainstream society. Streetwear does not only represent casual clothing that are trending in the community, but also captures the essence of the locals and what makes their community so unique.

Captivate Classics is a streetwear brand that was created by a a local to the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles several years ago, and is quickly becoming emblematic of the places and people that are the fiber of L.A. Slim is the founder and CEO of Captivate Classics, the brand is already making noise with celebrities.

Snoop Dogg wore a signature Captivate shirt during one of his podcasts as well as the widely popular and acclaimed talk show host, “Big Boy” on 92.3 FM. . Both Snoop and Big Boy are wearing the same Captivate Classics shirt, at first glance one may simply see famous rappers like Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, DJ Quick, among others – but the message is much deeper than what appears on the surface. Slim put the first iconic album of the founders of west coast rap in chronological order. The transition shows the evolution of this music genre through the lens of each rapper.

The inception of Captivate Classics was literally biblical, “I was reading the bible and found the word ‘captivate’, the word felt very transcendent and had a direct correlation to my brand”. Suffice to say, Slim has captivated Los Angeles with creativity that is reflected in his streetwear. His first piece was a T-shirt with an image of the historic Chuck Taylor’s made by Converse, shoes that are very aligned with the culture of L.A. This is not your typical streetwear brand, it has a distinct message that permeates through the gritty streets of Crenshaw and the greater L.A. area. Slim’s goal is not only to create exquisite artistic designs, but to bring people from all walks of life together, not just from L.A., but the entire world. L.A. is a city with great history, such that is echoed throughout each of Slim’s pieces.

Slim’s latest creation is unparalleled by anything on the market today, as well as patented. His first snapback hat has a bandana integrated into the design, focusing on the heart of the Crenshaw district and how the locals often wear a bandana with a hat on top. As Slim continues to push the envelope with his bold creations, his brand is certainly one to keep an eye on, he is currently working on taking Captivate Classics globally.

“I was always into streetwear growing up, Mecca and Rocawear were my main sources of inspiration.” Captivate Classics is quickly becoming a trendsetter with its flavor of L.A. in every piece – once celebrities are fans, the whole world will be soon to follow.

Check out www.captivateclassicsla.com to get your piece of L.A. culture, as well as their Instagram page @captivateclassics. To get a visual feel for the up-and-coming brand, check out this recent commercial from Captivate Classics.




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