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Published on August 5th, 2022 | by Charles Myambo


The Journey Behind Leading Soulful R&B Record Label, Ace Beat Music – Ace Mungin

“Ace Beat Music” owner – Derrick “Ace” Mungin

Nowadays, the word EXCEPTIONAL is one that gets thrown around a lot and perhaps it’s just down to semantics. However, only a select few people in this world can truly assume the moniker of being “exceptional”. One of those people is the iconic Derrick “Ace” Mungin. Ace was born and raised in New Jersey albeit having a large presence in Philadelphia. It was back in the 70’s when Ace and his cousin would venture into music. The pair rapidly established themselves as promising Disco DJ prospects. With each passing year, Ace began to become a more recognized DJ. Regular live performances and event hosting as a DJ culminated in the increased fame of Ace Mungin. He would quickly gain the rapport of industry peers and music fans. Ace’s prominence as a DJ continued for a number of years before he eventually transitioned to full scale music production. By the 80s, it was eerily obvious that Ace was destined for more than just being a DJ or producer. His profound musical talent was widely acknowledged, and his ambition was palpable. It was TIME! Ace had his sights set on creating a record label. In 1985, he founded the independent and internationally acclaimed record label, Ace Beat Music. The main base of operations for Ace Beat Music was New Jersey where Ace had first learnt his music trade. Everything was coming full circle for Ace and there was no denying him his dues. Ace Beat Music commanded great attention with hits released by groups such as Charvoni, Jomanda, Blaze, Intense and Paul Scott and more. The record label even worked with the iconic Michelle Ayers who is a legend of the soulful music genre. Michelle’s hit tracks helped propel Ace Beat into a totally different stratosphere! Ever since that period, it became public knowledge that the label excels in and focuses on soulful music. They have released hybrid “gospel & house” hits with artists such as Alicia Myers, Jeff Redd, Blue Magic and Ray Barretto Jr to name a few.

“Ace Beat Music” Team

Over the years, Ace Beat Music would lead a massive surge in local New Jersey talent that went on to become mainstream musicians. The record label became known for ushering in the New Jersey sound in dance and house music. Timeless dance music became synonymous with the Ace Beat moniker. The record label’s reputation was also bolstered by hosting a wide array of concerts, club events and underground parties. NYC Paradise Garage and NJ Club Zanzibar were some of the hotspots for Ace Beat Music. Prominent DJ’s such as Tony Humphries, Larry Patterson, and Larry Levan played Ace Beat Music tracks very frequently. The defining moment for the record label came when they released the hit track “Let the rain come down” which became an instant classic in New Jersey! At this point the record label was truly taking flight. The new millennium brought even more success with it. In the early 2000s, Ace Beat Music envisaged “next level” expansion! In an effort to push its brand of House music, the record label opened their first apparel Shop in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Additionally, the record label jumped full throttle into the digital world around a time when Mp3 players and iPods became prevalent. All their music was strategically created to be compatible with the widespread Mp3 players. 

Derek “Ace” Mungin & Affiliates

In recent years, Ace Beat Music has started to gain significantly more attention outside the USA. Their Garage Movement album truly took the world by storm. In 2019, a few of their albums caught the eye of a 2A record label in England. This inspired a mutually beneficial partnership between the 2 records. The partnership was very fruitful! Ace Beat Music had a number of their tracks played in the UK as well as several European nations as a result of this partnership. Another integral partnership for the record label was the one between Ace Mungin and Derrick “Ricky” Nelson. Ricky is the decorated producer for gospel group Higher Praise also known as Praise Report. Over the years, Ricky has had the opportunity to work with one of R&B’s Hottest Male artists, JOE and this brought him to the major label scene, getting him sit downs with some of the industry’s best, Mercury Records, Electra Records, Tommy Boy and Ron Grant of Sony. In subsequent years, Ricky collaborated with the group INTENSE. The 2 of them together wrote and produced music for the dance label Ace Beat Music, seeing them release over 20 EP’s and multiple singles. This significantly contributed to giving Ace Beat Music the sound of Soulful, Inspirational and Gospel House Music. “If You Know” was featured on B.E.T. and The Word Network Video Gospel which only further propagated both Ricky and Ace Beat Music. This was only the cusp of the greatness to ensue. Ricky garnered the attention of 1 of the world’s foremost entities, The Salvation Army. He would go on to do several soundtracks for their “Educational” and “Short Films” departments. This further consolidated the prominence of both Ricky and his partner, Ace Mungin. Ricky along with Tyrone Payton later established their label TyRick Music. They produced hits such as “Thank GOD, I Made It”, “Dancing In The Rain”, “All Your Love” and Ricky’s latest project “IT’s My Time”. It has been quite a ride and 2022 promises to be the biggest year yet for Ace Mungin, Ace Beat Music and fellow partner, Ricky Nelson. Stay tuned!


Sanction Remixes

  1. Kathy Sledge – A Little A Lot
  2. Ce Ce Peniston – Do You Believe
  3. Surface – Diamonds & Pearls
  4. Karyn White – This Hot
  5. Alicia Keys



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