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Published on September 13th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Are Bitcoin Casinos Safe?

The History of Bitcoin Casinos

Even though it did take some time for the industry for online gaming to become more receptive to the concept of cryptocurrencies. The first casino of its kind was called SatoshiDice, which was undoubtedly the homage to Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin pioneer. Its release in 2012, three years after the whitepaper for Bitcoin was published on the internet. It became the first casino to accept Bitcoin payments and also offered the famous Satoshi dice game.

The casino allowed gamers from all around the globe to wager using Bitcoin and play their preferred casino games sans the requirement of registering an account. There were no requirements beyond having a Bitcoin wallet. Every bet was processed as a distinct Bitcoin transaction, and the winning addresses were kept independant for every payout multiplier. 

The casino was forced to stop supporting US players a year after it first opened its doors because of a series of legal concerns, despite the fact that it was an enormous huge success when it was introduced.

Despite this, the revolution had already begun. SatoshiDice was the first online casino that used Bitcoin which also served as a model for other gaming websites that would ultimately emerge.  After that, a hundred others would appear, creating a tremendous surge in the cryptocurrency gaming market in recent years.Since then Bitcoin has now regularly been introduced as a payment system at many regular casinos. 

Here Are Two Kinds Of Cryptocurrency Casinos:

  1. Exclusively accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, these online casinos represent the only ones of their kind now available. Due to the fact that players often tend to  select the alternative option more frequently, the number of casinos offering this type of gambling is extremely limited.
  2. Gambling websites that take both fiat currency and cryptocurrencies: why not enjoy the benefits of both? Several of the most well-known and widely used online casinos currently available within the market accept deposits made using both traditional currency and Bitcoin. These casinos may also accept deposits made using other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and others.

Bitcoin is the most widely accepted cryptocurrency by many reputable operators where the good news is that these casinos often offer various incentives which are the same as the traditional ones. 

Online gamblers also have the option to play at the best No deposit Bitcoin Casinos that allow gamers to play without putting their match bonus money at risk.

Using a Bitcoin Casino requires you to set up a Bitcoin Wallet this comes in 3 distinct variations:

Online – These wallets will store your login details in the cloud, therefore, making them accessible from the device of your choice. They are the most favorable due to their convenience. It is imperative however, that you only access them through a private network in order to protect the confidentiality of your data. 

Offline/Software – These wallets can be stored on a desktop pc or in the form of an application on your mobile device. Access to these is limited to the particular device you initially choose to operate with. 

Hardware – These offer the highest level of security, they are however the most difficult to operate. Hardware wallets often resemble a USB flash drive where all bitcoins are stored. It is most vital to keep this type of wallet in a secure location. 

Once the wallet of your choice has been set up all you require is to link the wallet to the casino of your choice and start making instant transactions. 

Enhanced Safety and Security

When gambling with real money at an online casino, one’s primary concerns should revolve around the site’s safety and security measures. Even though technology has done a fantastic job of improving security measures everywhere, accounts still have the possibility of being hacked. 

You are able to make transactions with an increased level of protection against hacking by using digital money such as Bitcoin. The use of blockchain technology is widely regarded as among the safest and most secure methods for completing any kind of transaction online. 

Because of this, it will no longer be possible to change or modify any of the transactions that are processed. Gambling with cryptocurrencies also enables users to maintain complete anonymity, which contributes to the increased safety of the activity. 

Better Credibility

Using cryptocurrency to gamble online benefits you and others. Supporting these payments also benefits online businesses. This technology will let operators provide better services to players. Operators can provide a secure environment with a trusted banking service without using third-party payment companies.

As additional Bitcoin sites appear, many gamers will continue to trust them. Digital money allows gamblers to make secure payments and withdrawals at the greatest online casinos.

Affordable and Fast Banking Options

Traditional ways of funding and managing a casino account have waiting times and costs. These procedures are safe, but they have hazards. Gambling sites that accept traditional methods of payment are vulnerable to hackers. Transactions risk money loss. Cryptocurrencies offer quick transactions and increased security.

Instant payments are a major feature for many players. Using a cryptocurrency instead of banks or casinos allows for fast deposits and withdrawals in under an hour.

You’ll also avoid credit/debit card costs. No third parties are involved in cryptocurrency transactions, reducing fees.

Enhanced Promotional Deals

As you now know, cryptocurrencies are the safer and cheaper option. Players won’t pay fees, and casinos won’t pay third-party payment processors. Real money members get greater benefits. Cryptocurrency casinos offer the best-paying promos and daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses.

Leading crypto sites provide bigger welcome bonuses than traditional sites. As a player, you should pick a reliable casino with several promos to get free cash and spins. By picking a reputable cryptocurrency casino, you can enjoy more promos and win more while playing.

Blockchain Gambling

A blockchain gambling website utilizes blockchain technology offering casino games and sports betting involving encrypt deposits and withdrawals. Gamers however are unable to use otherwise traditional modes of payment such as debit cards or e-wallets. Instead the support provided is solely for the most widely used digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin, and so on.

Benefits of blockchain Gambling:

  • Fast opening of accounts – No personal information is required except for and email, password and a user name 
  • Anonymous gambling – as no personal information is required no documents are required to be submitted leaving the gambler completely anonymous
  • Speedy withdrawals – No waiting for sites to approve payments to issue your funds, you are able to do instant money withdrawals
  • Provably fair games –  All of the games that are featured on blockchain sites will have a history of fair play.
  • Better odds and payouts – Sites that do not employ fiat currency are not restricted by regulatory constraints that apply to normal online casino sites. As a result, these sites offer better odds and payouts than standard online casinos. This allows gamers to find lower house edges on casino games and the benefit of better odds when it comes to sports betting.

Cons Of Online Gambling

  • Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile 
  • The legal status can be uncertain
  • Not as many sites operating 
  • There is no centralized authority
  • A lot of crypto casinos are not licensed and regulated


Even though it might still take a few years until technology allows for more sites to operate, a definitive expectation in the use of cryptocurrency will continue to rise. 

Players already enjoy the benefits thus far. Cryptocurrency may be the safest and fastest way to make casino transactions.

While gaming remains risky, your personal and financial information will be safe. Since you never provide a casino your bank data, this is one of the safest methods to play real money games online.

Each day, we get closer to a crypto world of online gambling as this new technology evolves. Due to the concerns outlined, operators may be slow to add this payment option, but crypto and blockchain sites are definitely the future of gaming. 

Now that you are better informed on the safety and features of bitcoin casinos take a look at The Top Players in the NFL and get ready to place your bets!!




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