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Issue #134 ‚Äď Digital Cover Chanel West Coast

Published on October 20th, 2022 | by Abbie Knights


Chanel West Coast Releases “Versace Diaries” Compilation

Television personality, rapper, singer, and songwriter Chanel West Coast continues to achieve great success by breaking barriers with her music. Currently, in her third trimester, soon to be Mom, is in her business and creative prime. Popularly known¬†for her vivacious personality on “Ridiculousness”, Chanel has always found a way to stand out in a crowd. Remaining¬†authentic to her childhood dreams of becoming a global superstar, it’s no surprise that in spite of a rigorous work schedule throughout her pregnancy, she has still managed to launch a successful swimwear line “Coasty Swim“. Based in Southern California, Coasty Swim brings the vibes from every coast on the planet together as one. From the beach to the pool, to the lake, Coasty is here to make women feel and look confident while they have fun in the sun, in the water, and on the shore! With high tides and good vibes, Coasty is unique for its styles that are influenced by tropical colors and patterns. The swimwear compliments any woman‚Äôs body and features reversible styles, adorable accents like ruffles, and distinctive beading. Coasty is an eco-friendly swimwear brand that is founded by and manufactured by women for women, promoting body positivity while helping to make a difference in the world and protecting our ecosystem. Chanel is a woman who truly embraces inclusivity, women empowerment, and body positivity. Many women can relate to that feeling of wanting to wear garments by some of their favorite designers but often are left feeling largely disappointed by the small size variance.

When searching for some of the hottest designs, Chanel describes Versace as one of the few brands made to embrace feminine curves. From quality to style, to red carpets and life in front¬†of the camera, Versace soon became a classic staple for Chanel. Fashion is an amplification of an individual’s voice and personality, naturally finding herself in the iconic Versace grounds of Miami, she knew instantly that Versace was an extension of self-expression that needed to be celebrated. Shortly thereafter, “Versace Diaries” was created and¬†marked the first compilation, as Chanel is overjoyed to welcome her first child with partner Dom Fenison later in the year.¬†‚ÄúVersace Diaries‚Ä̬†was written and recorded pre-pregnancy, and most of the music videos were also filmed prior to her pregnancy, however a few of the scenes to complete the video were actually filmed while Chanel was 4 months pregnant. The compilation came together while Chanel was traveling with a group of ultra-talented, like-minded artists and is an ode to the cultural zeitgeist around Versace‚Äôs influence on music, fashion, and lifestyle. ‚ÄúVersace Diaries‚ÄĚ features two brand new compilation singles, ‚ÄúVersace Robe‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúVersace Mami‚ÄĚ, available on all streaming platforms Thursday, October twenty-first.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Chanel on my show, The Abbie Knights Show, and chat about life and her excitement as a new Mom, “I’m so excited but also so nervous, I keep having nightmares about giving birth, which is stressing me out a little bit. The actual giving birth situation is what I’m a little nervous about, but I’m just so excited to see my baby girl, I cannot wait!” I’m incredibly excited to see what’s ahead as Chanel’s success story continues to unfold, although she did not share the name of her new baby, one thing we can say with certainty is that “Versace Diaries” is the first chapter of a truly iconic journey for Chanel as she embraces motherhood and a project that celebrates life, music, fashion and marks the beginning of an unforgettable family legacy.

Watch the full interview below:

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