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Published on October 11th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Meet DieTim: The Fitness Content Creator You Should Know About

The social media fitness industry has quadrupled in the last two years, with fitness experts coming out of the shadows to share their experiences and knowledge. One of these fitness trainers is DieTim. Born Tim Sven van Teunenbroek, DieTim is a fitness content creator based in the Netherlands. DieTim has been sharing health and fitness content on his socials, using his journey to guide and inspire others.

DieTim’s approach to health and fitness and growing up in the public eye helped him break into the fitness industry, becoming one of the top fitness content creators in the Netherlands. DieTim has sustained a cult following both on YouTube and Instagram—where he first posted the transformational videos and photos that brought him popularity. DieTim has over 300K followers on Instagram.


As he has walked this journey himself, it enables him to better connect with his followers and share meaningful content. DieTim struggled to keep fit, and being in the limelight where one is required to look a certain way, he felt like he wasn’t enough. DieTim wasn’t okay with how he looked, which inspired him to take health and fitness more seriously.

“I have never looked so bad in my life. I felt unhealthy and totally uncomfortable with my body, and I decided I wanted to change,” says DieTim. But instead of taking the most common route where you work out behind the cameras and come back with the before and after photos, DieTim wanted to take his fans with him on his transformation journey. He began posting his meal plans and workout routine. 

DieTim still shares this to date. DieTim posts his day-to-day life on Instagram. He posts educational fitness videos and resources related to exercise execution, and nutrition, among others. As a young creator, DieTim is also using his socials to help others get started.

DieTim has been in the limelight for nearly ten years. He started making funny videos on Snapchat before he branched out to YouTube. At the time, he went by Snapking. He was one of the first YouTubers in the Netherlands to make prank videos. This blew up, and he became one of the most well-known YouTubers in the Netherlands. DieTim’s YouTube channel has more than 400K subscribers, with several of his videos going viral. 

DieTim’s documentary trended at number 1 on YouTube for 1.5 weeks. His YouTube series “All You Need Is Tim,” “The Tim Zegt Sorry,” and others have thousands of views on the platform. DieTim has also worked with top creators in the industry. He has also helped create YouTube content for the company Gogo Reizen.

But his journey has not been easy. DieTim started his influencing career when he was still young and didn’t know much about the digital world or money management. He explains that he has made several mistakes, some of which cost him lots of money. As he embraces his new journey as DieTim, he is helping other young creators avoid common mistakes. He is showing influencers the importance of being able to differentiate life in front and behind the camera. DieTim also acts as a source of inspiration to others.

DieTim didn’t give up on his career. He continued to show up and now has his own sports supplements and gym.


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