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The Mossie: Still Gettin’ It


Please introduce for me the members of The Mossie…

Kaveo and Mugzi.

Let’s hop right into this latest single, “Get It,” featuring Decadez — Tell me about this particular track; how did it come to fruition?

Mugzi sent Kaveo the song. Mugzi had a verse already on the track and Kaveo added his verse, and that was it.

How then does “Get It” either differ and / or compare to previous The Mossie entries?

The Mossie has a new fresh and live feel.

“Get It” comes courtesy of your loomingly overdue – still forthcoming – 4th studio collection — What all exactly can you all reveal and / or divulge about upcoming said body of work?

We will be keeping it clean as possible as far as limiting explicit lyrics, while keeping it Mobb. We wanted to challenge ourselves to use other phrases.

What all exactly had / have y’all been up to during this lengthy musical hiatus?

Mugzi just got married and is raising his two year old daughter. He opened up a health fitness club that has been very successful, and has been rated #1 health fitness club in Solano County. Kaveo took a backseat in the music to focus on his family and being a dad.

What was it about now – in 2022 specifically – that prompted y’all to return to form?

The momentum had been building up for the past few years between Kaveo and Mugzi. After doing our first song in awhile – about 7 months ago – we have been going nonstop since.

Reflecting, tell me your whole inception into music — When did you all first become interested in it? And, how did it all begin for The Mossie?

Around 1989, The Click album was created. We were a part of it, and everything stemmed from that point on. Being around The Click; E-40 and B-Legit, we all developed our talents and collaborated as one.

Now you all are natives of Vallejo, CA, correct? So growing up in ‘V-Town,’ who all did / do you all consider to be your strongest musical influences?

We grew up listening to Too $hort, Eric B. & Rakim, and old school music, Soul and Blues.

At what point in time did you all even opt to pursue music on a professional basis?

We enjoyed making music; we just fell into to it, and one thing led to another and we kept making music.

With that being said, how do you all classify your overall sound and / or style?

We have a mixture of old and new styles; vintage Click sound with our individual personality added.

When you all sit down to pen your rhymes where do you all draw your inspiration(s) from?

And, what’s that whole creative (studio) process like for you all?

There were times when we used to be in the studio together and come up with a song. Today is a lot different being that me we were able to do a majority of the album without being in the studio together. We were able to create a good vibe recording and writing separately, and coming together to complete each song.

Switching gears here, what exactly do you all want people to get from your music?

It’s a healthy challenge to come up with good music. We have fun to express our creative art outlet.

If you all could collaborate with any one artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

We would like to collaborate with Kendrick Lamar. We believe his different than the normal style would work well together.

If you all could play any venue in the world, which one would you choose and why?

We have no idea. Open for anywhere the road takes us.

In terms of longevity, what do you all feel it is that will continue to sustain you in this grueling industry?

Right now, we really don’t look at that part. We just make music and allow it to take us where it wants to.

Do you all have any other outside / additional future aspirations, maybe even completely away from entertainment?

We would like to invest time in cannabis farming. We have a green thumb, and love to grow.

On a more serious note, are you all happy with the current state of Hip Hop?

Today’s Hip Hop is way more advanced. They are able to get noticed easier, more tools to utilize and social media allows artists to take control of their music career.

To date, what has been your biggest career moment(s), at least thus far anyway?

We think my biggest moment was the Up Close & Personal tour with Nelly. Also, our first tour with E-40 was big for us, too.

Looking ahead, say five or maybe even ten years from now, where do you all see yourselves?

Hopefully retired and enjoying the grandkids.

As for the immediate, what’s next for The Mossie?

Right now, we are just rockin’ it song by song. Only focusing on making more music and another album next year.


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