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New Music on Max, GreekDaGod was Shocked About Hurricane G

Greekdagod was shocked learning Hurricane G passed away as it hit close to him since Greekdagod was born in Brooklyn.  Greek stated before he respects all the artists before him who pave the way for the hip-hop community and the blueprint. 

Greekdagod is now working on two Albums. His release under his alter-ego name Galaxy Greek, His work ethic is different from the average artist. Source says he will release two deluxe albums next year January 1 and 2 in 2023.

All Smoke 3: The Coldest and All Smoke 4: Galaxy VS World [ Instrumental album].

About Hurrican G:  

New York rapper Hurricane G died at age 52. Reports say that while no cause of death has been announced, she had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.  “My mom has stage 4 lung cancer,” her daughter Lexus revealed back in May via social media, “I don’t know how many of you understand what that means but even after 30 years of life I’m still trying to process it myself. I have never cried so much in my life I have never felt so disconnected from reality in my life.”

Rodriguez first gained fame in 1992 when she appeared on Redman’s “Tonight’s da Night,” then teamed up with him again two years later on “We Run N.Y.” from his Dare Iz a Darkside album. Her debut full-length Spanglish album, All Woman, dropped in 1997 on the New York-based H.O.L.A. Recordings after she’d logged spots on songs by everyone from Xzibit to Funkdoobiest, Keith Murray, and Puff Daddy. She also became the first female member of the East Coast hip-hop crew the Def Squad, which included Sermon, Redman, Murray, and Jamal.

The lyricist, who is of Puerto-Rican descent, got her start in hip-hop as a member of the Def Squad. Many fans’ first tastes of her came via the intro to Redman’s 1992 hit “Tonight’s Da Night,” in which she tells the Jersey MC to “Get off that punk smooth s–t, man. Get with that rough s–t, man. You know how we do!”

In 1997, Hurricane G released her debut album “All Woman.” It featured the solo track “Somebody Else,” which reached the top ten of the Hot Rap singles chart that year. Her final album, “Mami & Papi” with Thirstin Howl III, came out in 2013.

Along with a successful solo career, the prolific Brooklynite also had voice cameos on albums with icons ranging from Keith Murray to Xzibit and Funkdoobiest. She also was memorably featured on the track “P.E. 2000” from P Diddy’s 1999 album “Forever.”

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