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Charles Turner-Cox is Winning on and off the Field

I recently had the chance to chop it up with a top NFL free agent: Charles Turner-Cox. Charles is a native of the city in which I currently reside (Baltimore) and discusses coming up in Charm City as well as his inspirations and aspirations in life and football. Charles is well-educated with a strong business acumen that speaks to a long and successful life outside of the game he loves. Charles is confident in his abilities but also a humble individual looking to uplift those around him, exactly the type of dude who is worth rooting for. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did: 

I’m a transplant who has really come to love Baltimore. Tell me about growing up here:

Growing up in Baltimore is tough, but it’s what made me who I am. Being able to adapt to your community and wanting to live a better life has always been my goal. A lot of people not having the proper channels to succeed is what most were faced with, so I’m trying to be the change that is needed to bridge the gap.

When did football become the priority?

Football become a priority to me once I began working in the corporate world in 2016. Seeing how much you can change your life by playing the game and also the lives you can change is what gave me the drive to work hard and make it.

Has it always been Defense for you?

Playing little league football, I played fullback and middle linebacker but Defense has always been my primary position, the love for hitting and delivering that breathtaking blow to an opponent.

I know you attended Digital Harbor, and I’m very familiar as we currently have the Beats Not Bullets program there. What was your experience at the school like?

Nice! I’ve heard of that program this year. My experience was wonderful, learning about computers and technology has definitely been an asset to my life and my career field.

Tell me about your experience playing College Ball as well as how the jump in difficulty and competitiveness felt. How did you change your approach/habits?

The experience playing college ball started in California for Santa Rosa junior college in 2019 and gained me the opportunity to get a scholarship at Bluefield University.  The jump in difficulty and competitiveness was a good adjustment with it being competitive being around other athletes like myself, with like-minded goals. So working hard to compete every day was good to see who wanted it more, pushing each other daily to get better. My approach and habits changed when the level of difficulty changed; it required more film study and concentration and attention to details and similarities.

I hear you’re a fraternity guy like I am. How did your fraternal experience help shape you? Favorite part about being in a fraternity? 

The fraternity helped shape me by shining light on values that I’ve always known and lived by but joining brought them to light. The cardinal principles are Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift. My favorite part about being in the fraternity is the joy of seeing interest (potential new members) and seeing how eager they are when I’m giving them the information; they remind me of myself two years ago.

What made you decide to go to graduate school? How do you feel it’s benefiting you now? 

My decision to go to graduate school was because I gained an extra year of eligibility due to the COVID NCAA rule. I had to take classes in order to play, so my choice to join the business administration program was a great decision (graduating a year after finishing my undergraduate degree). I feel like the degree is benefiting me now, but I think later in my career it will pay off more because when it’s time for me to get promoted, I’ll have a greater chance to do so.

I know you’re a well-rounded individual who has professional aspirations beyond football, tell the people about what you have cooking in that department. 

I plan on utilizing my degrees and being able to start my own security company, along with getting into flipping rental properties. 

As someone planning on working his way into the league, what goes into “staying ready” as a football player?

Staying ready includes having laser red focus to know that even when the phone calls aren’t ringing you must still be in shape and mentally ready to go because any one workout could be the workout that lands you your opportunity. Maintaining a healthy diet, consistently working out, and having faith are some examples of staying ready.

Describe your style as a player:

My play style is aggressive with a lot of physicality. Being this type of player ensures that I’ll give 110% every play on the field and won’t back down from a challenge. Aggressive play is what football is about, mixed with quick reactions and thinking and you have a great player 

Having NFL aspirations, describe the leap in the competition you expect to see in the pro game and what you’ll have to do to adjust (similarly to the HS to College jump). What are the biggest differences?

The leap in the competition will inspire greater use of reading plays quicker, reacting faster and learning terminology will be ideal as well to be successful. As stated by many guys in the NFL/CFL “it’s the same football you played since you were 5 yrs old, don’t overthink it, just play”. That’s going to be my approach to play fast but relax because it’s the same children’s game we played back then. 

Who is your biggest inspiration as a football player?

My biggest inspiration would have to be Ray Lewis, seeing and knowing the work ethic it takes to have siblings and your mother be a single parent is another story in itself, truly gives motivation to other children going through the same struggles. 

Love your way for that…Top 5 DB’s ever (in order)?

  1. Deion Sanders
  2. Ed Reed
  3. Charles Woodson
  4. Sean Taylor
  5. Kam Chencellor

Long live Sean Taylor. More 5’s, where are you in 5 years and why?

Successfully running a business, owner of 2-3 houses, and married with a family. The reason being is that my drive to be successful is high and my work efforts are unmatched. 

Tell the people anything else they should know: 

That I possess the 12 things every athlete and human should have: 1. Self-Confidence, Motivation, Self-Discipline, Optimism, Acceptance of Criticism, Poise under Stress, Focus, Resiliency, Competitive Spirit, Successful, Natural Leadership, Humility & Passion.

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