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Michael Prince Johnson’s ‘African History Vol.1’: A Musical Celebration

Michael Prince Johnson’s ‘African History Vol.1’: A Musical Celebration of African History, Culture, and the Continent’s Legacy 

Experience the power of music from Michael Prince Johnson’s album, ‘African History Vol.1,’ available on all major digital platforms, including Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, and YouTube. Johnson’s mastery of various instruments, such as kalimba, shekere, calabash, surdo, sampler, and drum machine is evident in the exceptional collection of eleven songs featured on this album. As an instrumental musician, composer, producer, songwriter, and DJ, Johnson’s talents are fully showcased in this must-listen album. 

Renowned as ‘The King of Instrumental Storytelling,’ Johnson’s unique ability to blend musical genres, including instrumental hip-hop, EDM, R&B, soul, funk, pop, and rock, with stories about African history, sociology, psychology, and current issues has earned him worldwide recognition. Johnson has become one of the leading figures in the global music scene, and the leading artist in the Austrian music scene. With previous hits like “Let’s Go Crazy,” Johnson has been on the top radio charts in various countries and featured in top magazines such as LA Weekly, HipHopSince1987, Billboard, The Source, The Hype Magazine, Vents Magazine, and AllHipHop. Its total global airplay covers 3000 radio stations in 160 countries from 6 continents and reached 500 million listeners.

“His songs received radio airplay among the top songs of artists such as Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson, AC/DC, Beatles, Elvis Presley, and others. “Some of his most popular songs include “Let’s Go Crazy,” “Black African Civilization Kemet-Egypt,” “History Of Epidemics,” “You Are Important,” “War Produced The Death and Destruction,” “Importance of Nature,” “Time for Wedding,” “Erotic Desire,” “I Give My Name To Her,” and “Say My Name.” 

The album ‘African History Vol.1’ features international hits like “Black African Civilization Kemet-Egypt,” “African History,” “Forgetting The Culture Of Origin,” “I Love Africa,” “Importance Of Nature,” and “List of Black African Religions.” These songs explore the rich history of black African people and their accomplishments, blending instrumental hip-hop, RnB, soul, and funk genres to create a cohesive sound. 

He is a member of The 72 Diamonds duo group with his wife Michaela Queenie Johnson. With over 70 albums and 600 songs, Johnson has established himself as a prolific artist. 

He produced, composed, arranged, performed, and mixed all of his albums and songs, making ‘African History Vol.1’ a true reflection of his artistic vision. 

Experience the power of music with Michael Prince Johnson’s ‘African History Vol.1.’ Stay up to date with his latest music news and reviews by visiting www.spiritofmusicmagazine.com.

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