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Published on April 27th, 2023 | by Natalie Patrick


Yew Haiku’s “Century Gothic” Album Paints a Haunting Picture of Human Connection

The multi-talented Gothic Pop-Synth artist, Yew Haiku, has unveiled her latest masterpiece – the captivating and thought-provoking album, “Century Gothic”. The highly anticipated 5-song collection delves deep into the complexities of the modern world, tackling themes such as the pitfalls of contemporary dating, the impact of technology on human emotions, the looming threat of economic collapse, and the struggle to belong in an increasingly disconnected society.

Yew Haiku’s ethereal and introspective lyrics blend seamlessly with her signature dark, dreamy soundscapes, creating a mesmerizing auditory experience. Inspired by the encroachment of “unnecessary technological expanse” on human nature and mental well-being, she aims to make time stand still within her hauntingly beautiful music.

“Century Gothic” takes listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions, artfully oscillating between melancholic contemplation and moments of acceptance. Each track is a carefully crafted exploration of the human psyche, with songs such as Dream Sequence, which endeavors to harness the meditative power of sound design, and Peach Nietzsche, a poignant portrayal of despair seeping into an otherwise idyllic existence.

One of the standout tracks, Experience or Turing, delves into the realm of artificial intelligence, exploring a futuristic love story between a young woman and her AI companion. The song’s poignant dialogue sees the AI lover warning the infatuated protagonist to stay away, despite her feelings of love towards him. This unconventional narrative is a powerful commentary on the blurred lines between reality and fantasy in a world increasingly dominated by technology.

The other tracks on the album ground listeners back in reality, tapping into timeless themes of unrequited love and emotional vulnerability. The evocative lyrics in Real Eyes Realize Real Lies, such as “An endless dream became a nightmare…”, perfectly capture the album’s underlying sense of darkness and melancholy.

To add to the excitement, Yew Haiku has announced the upcoming release of a music video for Peach Nietzsche, set to debut in the summer of 2023. Fans are eagerly anticipating the visual interpretation of this haunting track, which is sure to be yet another artistic triumph for the talented musician.

“Century Gothic” is a deeply introspective and enchanting album that holds a mirror to the challenges and complexities of the modern world. Yew Haiku’s unique blend of dreamy melodies and powerful lyrics is a testament to her artistry and vision. As technology continues to reshape our lives in unforeseen ways, “Century Gothic” serves as a timely and poignant reminder of our shared human experience, with all its beauty and fragility.


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