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Features Cooper Rosentha

Published on May 15th, 2023 | by XO


Cooper Rosenthal Feature

A musician needs to be boisterous, authentic and unique to stand out; all features that Cooper Rosenthal possesses in spades. Where many performers fail to create art that reaches their audience, Cooper prides himself on his ability to create music that’s an invitation to experience his thoughts and self to its fullest. 

Cooper has been making great strides in his exploration of music for over ten years. He sees his craft as a journey of self-exploration, discovering himself through his work. Taking the time to truly immerse himself within his creations, he’s found inspiration in the music-making process. Music isn’t simply a hobby to Cooper, but something much deeper, a form of self-expression close to his heart.

This reflects in his work, with immaculate thought and detail going into every arrangement and line. It’s a rare sight in music today, but for Cooper, there’s nothing he’d rather do than let himself get lost in the moment as he makes art. It gives his work a personal raw edge as he spills his thoughts into authentic musical moments of vulnerability and passion.

Much of Cooper’s music touches on topics many may find difficult to discuss. Topics like mental health, climate change, the deeper nuances and complexities of relationships and each person’s inner spirituality are all on the table. Many artists fumble these topics, but Cooper handles them with the nuance and careful precision required to create statements that go beyond being simply music.

As an artist, Cooper also recognizes the need for community and shared ideas. He uses his efforts to be a community builder, connecting budding performers with other creatives within the industry. In this way, Cooper builds a platform that elevates other artists, while encouraging the growth of art and music as mediums. He even has his own recording studio, The Red House in Olympia, WA, allowing artists to record and create there since the 90s.

Between his many creative endeavours, his endless passion for the arts and his intense work ethic, he stands out from his peers. As a singer-songwriter, Rosenthal’s lyrics are like poetry, exploring themes of love, loss, and the human condition in a way that leaves listeners feeling both inspired and reflective.

Cooper’s upcoming album, “Wildfire Sky,” is the grand culmination of his efforts as a musician so far. As a vessel for his personal, unfiltered thoughts, the album takes his approach to music and polishes it to the highest degree. Tackling topics close to his heart, he hopes that his authenticity, attention to detail and effort will touch the hearts of his listeners.

In a world where music often seems formulaic and shallow, “Wildfire Sky” stands out as a beautiful and thought-provoking album. The result is a sound with depth and complexity, with layers of sound that reveal new details with each listen. Rosenthal’s music is truly a labor of love, with each song reflecting his time and care in creating it.

As an artist, Cooper Rosenthal never takes shortcuts, giving listeners his full, unadulterated musical vision. He goes the extra mile for his art, creating works that will withstand the tests of time. If you’re looking for a new musician to add to your listening list, then look no further. Cooper Rosenthal is ready to take the world by storm, and he’s not looking back. You can stream his upcoming music on streaming platforms. 


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