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Published on May 19th, 2023 | by Natalie Patrick


Maya Ghose shares a captivating single, “Around the Fountain.”

Maya Ghose’s latest single, “Around the Fountain,” is a captivating blend of pop, soul, and hip-hop that exudes freshness and originality. Produced and co-written by her brother Braygo, the track showcases the duo’s creative synergy and masterful fusion of styles.

With her velvety vocals, Ghose takes listeners on a soulful journey around a metaphorical fountain, paying homage to warm summer days. The dynamic melody and compelling lyrics evoke a dream-like quality, immersing the listener in nostalgic reminiscence.

BrayGho’s production skills shine in every beat and note, seamlessly intertwining with Ghose’s dulcet tones to create a rich, textured soundscape. The modern pop rhythms and classic soul undertones make for an infectious groove that is hard to resist.

The music video further enhances the song’s charm, portraying the blissful simplicity of past summer days through subtle cinematic elements that reinforce the sense of nostalgia.

With “Around the Fountain,” Ghose boldly explores musical boundaries, infusing new elements into familiar genres to create a unique signature sound. This release showcases her evolution as an artist and will keep her in the spotlight for future endeavors.


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