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Published on May 5th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Trendy Ways to Decorate Your Home This Spring

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to start thinking about renewal and shaking off the winter doldrums. One great way to welcome spring  is by  refreshing your home decor.

While seasonal trends in home decor may seem fleeting, incorporating fun colors and bold designs  into your standard home decorating can be a great way to brighten your home and put a spring in your step – particularly if you can weave some DIY projects into the mix. 

There are many ways you can flex your creativity muscle and make your home trendier and more “up to date” in the process. From farmhouse to boho to modern minimalist, decor trends run the gamut, and with each, there’s a way to get artsy and DIY some trendy touches!

Crochet is back 

Tamara Kelly

Tamara Kelly

Most of us of a certain age may remember our mothers getting really into crochet in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It was a time when crochet items seemed to be everywhere. Crochet blankets, pillows, potholders, and even those weird little tissue box cozies that looked like Southern Belles were a part of our homes for years. Crochet is a craft that has seen its popularity ebb and flow over the years.

The craft has made a strong comeback with the resurgence of the boho chic style. No one may be more excited about the popularity of crochet decor items than Made It Myself TV artist and long-time crocheter Tamara Kelly. 

“One of the many things I love about crochet is that it’s a constantly growing craft,” Kelly told Create Whimsy. “It’s a pretty young craft, compared to most fiber arts, so techniques and stitches are constantly being invented, improved, and re-invented again.”

This is not your grandma’s crochet, however, and you’ll find no Southern Belle Kleenex cozies here! Today’s crochet decor is tinged with a bit of boho, a bit of whimsy, and a modern aesthetic. 

More and more, younger generations like Gen X and Millennials are taking up DIY projects and time-honored artisan crafting. The calming aspect of sitting down to crochet a blanket or a pillow is a significant factor in its popularity.

Some great ways to use crochet in your spring decor include fun pillows, colorful throws that can change the look of a room in an instant, or even rugs and runners. Kelly offers many patterns for decor items through her website Moogly. From beginner throw patterns to more advanced appliques, ornaments, and baskets, Kelly has brought a modern bent to an age-old craft — perfect for springy decor renewal.

Fun with embroidery 

When most people think of embroidery, they may picture emblems on clothing and hats, but not necessarily on home decor. However, with the boho trend holding fast, updating boring fabric with flashes of fun embroidery can be a great way to usher in spring within your home.

Embroidery approaches can run the gamut, from sitting cozy on your couch stitching with fabric and a hoop, to the incredible items that can be created with an embroidery machine. Many high-end home decor stores, such as Anthropologie and Ballard Design, offer embroidered curtains, tablecloths, and bedding with high-end price tags to match. Taking on embroidered decor as a DIY project can be a way to put a personal touch on a popular decor item.

Henry Ma

Henry Ma

Henry Ma — CEO of Ricoma, a leading manufacturer of embroidery machines and custom apparel decorating equipment  — anticipates that embroidered items will endure as a trend, even for home decor. He even sees a way for embroidered items to become a side hustle for many.

“Our work at Ricoma allows people to have access to another stream of income,” Ma told Influencive. “Our machines and direct-to-garment printers help entrepreneurs start a business right out of their garage.”

Even if you have no interest in becoming an embroidery entrepreneur, you can have fun with an embroidery machine or send in fabric items to be customized. Custom embroidered pillowcases will help give a retro look to your bedroom decor and hark back to the styles of the 1950s or Victorian aesthetics. You can even go full cottage-core with intricately embroidered table runners, seat cushions, or doilies. 

Don’t be afraid to inject a little modern flair or complexity into your embroidered decor. “Commercial and semi-commercial embroidery machines are capable of embroidering multi-colored designs with precise stitches on a variety of items that would be too difficult to do by hand. All you have to do is press start,” says Ma

Whether you are buying vintage, sitting down with needle and thread, leaning on a professional embroidery service, or going full-on DIY with an embroidery machine in your home, the possibilities are endless with embroidered decor — and the decor industry’s love affair with embroidery shows no sign of waning. No matter what trend you decide to try out in your spring decor renewal plans, consider what enhances your current decor, what designs you are drawn to, and how happy a look makes you feel. 

Spring decor updates are all about a fresh look. Considering the role of trends like crochet and embroidery in your decor plans can give your home a cozy, vintage-influenced look you may never have imagined was possible.


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