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Published on July 15th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Pure Sunshine Defines Ari Mediratta – Lovely “Sixteen”

Ari Mediratta, an emerging artist with a voice that can captivate an audience, feels at home in a studio. A vocal warm-up before recording is crucial for him, as he aims for perfection with every take. Ari uses a variety of tactics to bring out the desired emotion in his vocals, depending on the mood of the song. For instance, if he wants to achieve a somber, melancholic, and tender verse, he will sit down on the studio floor or a stool and record his vocals, which puts him in a relaxed state, allowing him to connect deeply with the emotion he wants to convey.

Ari’s passion for music and his commitment to developing his vocals are evident in how he records his songs. Ari prefers recording in chronological order, starting with the verse, followed by the chorus, to understand how to build up and intensify his vocals, creating the perfect musical experience for his listeners. One of the most enjoyable moments for Ari during recording is improvising on adlibs, using his quick thinking and improvisation skills to elevate the track’s feel.

Leland Grant, Ari’s producer and songwriter has significantly influenced his musical journey. Ari and Leland deeply connect and understand each other’s creative processes well. Leland is a mentor to him and a close friend, someone he feels comfortable sharing his emotions and anxieties. While working together, Ari and Leland keep the sessions engaging, fun, and energetic, leading to some of Ari’s best work.

Earlier this year, Leland flew out to Ari’s family home in Kenya, creating an excellent opportunity for them to collaborate and create impressive content for Ari’s future releases. The partnership between Ari and Leland has seen the creation of exceptional music, and it is exciting to see where their collaboration will take them in the future. Ari is an emerging artist to watch out for, with his unique talent and passion for music primed to make waves in the industry.

“Sixteen” has Ari Mediratta tap into that sense of boundless optimism tempered with a slight bitterness. The melodies go right for the heart of the matter, perfectly aligning with his soft, soothing voice. Nods to early Justin Bieber and the Weeknd emerge throughout, for he possesses that same level of songcraft. The evolution of the sound and the message feels quite all-encompassing, with the many exquisite details adding to the liveliness. Production embraces the pristine atmosphere that sparkles with this glossy sheen. Over the course of the piece, he expresses the giddy nature of love in the best season alongside the pang of loss that inevitably comes when the actual world returns. 

The rocking beat holds nothing back, and he does a great job conveying the energy that starts a fleeting relationship. A racing pulse adds to the impermanence of the piece. Despite some of the pining that could not last longer, he retains a celebratory disposition for the most part. Lyricism focuses on the happiness that happened, even if it didn’t last as long as it could have or should have. A deep appreciation of the world adds to the majesty as the song races through, great bursts of color permeating the work. He lets go for the final stretch, letting the bittersweetness linger. 

Done with the utmost dignity and grace, Ari Mediratta shows the fleeting glimpses of summer love and all the hope and sadness it involves in the stunningly beautiful “Sixteen.” 


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