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Published on August 18th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Ahmed Sheihk CEO/Co-Founder Team Combat League: Live Session

Live Session with Ahmed Sheihk CEO/Co-Founder of Team Combat League. Team Combat League is the only boxing league that includes both male and female athletes teamed together. Key to the league is their athlete safety, equitable pay, healthcare, and employment policies where everyone is respected equally.

Team Combat League - Mega Brawl

Ahead of the culmination of Team Combat League’s Championship Week Sunday, August 20th at Thunder Studios, California as the co-main event to the championship match at MegaBrawl 1, “History in the Making”, Ahmed weighed in with me on the league mission, excitement over the league’s unprecedented concept, putting athletes first, and more…Tune In!!!

About the Event

If you’re in Cali or just a fan of the sport of boxing and looking for a must-see evolution in the sport, get ready to witness the clash of titans as the thrilling battleground of Team Combat League (TCL) ignites with the scorching intensity of Championship Week! In an electrifying extravaganza that celebrates the convergence of raw power and tactical finesse, TCL proudly presents a monumental happening on August 20th at the iconic Thunder Studios in sunny California.

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Highlighting this adrenaline-charged week is none other than the dazzling TCL All-Star Match, poised as the mesmerizing co-main event to the epic championship clash at MegaBrawl 1, aptly named “History in the Making.” Prepare to be awe-struck as the Thunder Studios in Long Beach, California, transforms into the crucible of dreams on Sunday, August 20, 2023.

Stepping into the arena with the valor of a true champion is none other than the former WBA light middleweight champion himself, Austin Trout. Renowned for his exploits in the squared circle, Trout boasts a storied legacy, having gone toe-to-toe with the likes of Miguel Cotto, Jermall and Jermell Charlo, and the indomitable Canelo Alvarez. Now, as a wildcard entry into TCL’s illustrious All-Star match, Trout is geared up to etch his name into TCL history.

Across the ring, a formidable force awaits. Vlad Panin, the LA Tengoose’s prized pugilist, strides forth with a 16-1 professional boxing record, wielding a fearsome blend of technique and tenacity. Not to be outdone, Panin flaunts an 8-6 record in the hallowed grounds of TCL combat, promising a showdown that will reverberate through the sport.

But the thunderous excitement doesn’t stop there. Brace yourselves as the crème de la crème of TCL’s powerhouse squads step onto the hallowed canvas for a colossal battle royale during “Championship Week.” The arena echoes with the triumphant roars of the New York City Attitude, guided by the sage leadership of Coach Ryan O’Leary and Coach Benny Roman. Meanwhile, the Las Vegas Hustle, under the masterful tutelage of Coach Dewey Cooper, stands primed to deliver a masterclass in combat finesse.

Grit and determination reach a crescendo as the DC Destroyers, steered by the astute Coach Barry Hunter, unleash their unbridled ferocity. And let’s not forget the Atlantic Attack, orchestrated by the tactical genius of Coach Mustafa Meekins, as they chart a course toward supremacy.

Check Out Highlights from the Semifinals

As the sun sets over the California horizon, Team Combat League’s Championship Week promises an unrivaled spectacle of heart-pounding action, where the audacious clash of warriors transcends mere sport and transforms into a breathtaking symphony of skill, strategy, and sheer unadulterated passion. Be there to witness the awe-inspiring saga unfold—history will be written, legends will be born, and the arena will bear witness to the birth of immortality. I share the enthusiasm of Ahmed Sheihk – CEO/Co-Founder of Team Combat League CEO/Co-Founder of Team Combat League about the impact this league will have and is already having on the sport of boxing.

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