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Published on September 8th, 2023 | by Bryson "Boom" Paul


CAT DAD’s New Project, That’s Rad!!, Reaches #3 On iTunes Charts

CAT DAD’s New Album project “That’s Rad” Charted on August 1st, Officially peaking at #3 on the alternative charts right under the respected alternative Irish singer Sinead O’connor #RIPQueen. CAT DAD project dropped on July 28, 2023, and his fans are going crazy literally, some of whom have been following his journey for over 10+ years. CAT DAD’s Target co-worker affiliates were cheering him on all day along with his social media fan base via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The Hype has been Amazing ever since and we know CAT DAD is not letting us, as this is a project fans have been waiting for.  
Last year his hit single WANNATAKEAPHOTO took the lead right behind his forever-growing first hit single “I FADE AWAY” Now with millions of streams & counting, CAT DAD is just starting to make noise, and everyone (fans, family, friends, etc.) are cheering on for the hype. Must we also share a few singles off the “That’s Rad!! album project kinda-sorta sounded like a proposal to his featured Star artist Tulips Ballad from their joint single “I FADE AWAY” and with recent confirmation…, the couple got engaged on August 20th sharing their celebration on social media.
CAT DAD along with his new Fiance work together on the visuals of his project, and he creates all his songs from writing, and production, to mastering. This young man’s talented ability to create a canvas with his songs is heavily getting notoriety and getting him great fan buzz across all platforms. His latest single off his “That’s Rad!!” album project titled: “Yours for Good” is another timeless record that I feel will never get old. #WhoisCatDad Get to Know this rising Artist.

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