Issue #138 – Digital Cover Eazy-E gets unanimous vote from the Compton City Council to rename a street in his honor - Eazy St. #hypefirst

Published on September 18th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


#HypeFirst: Eazy-E Street Dedication a YES from Compton City Council

#HypeFirst | In a groundbreaking move, the City Council of Compton has unanimously voted to rename a street in honor of the legendary rapper Eazy-E, a pivotal figure in the West Coast Hip Hop scene. The street will be called Eazy Street. The date for the official renaming ceremony is yet to be announced.

Eazy-E - ASKEM

Eazy-E by ASKEM #ArtYouCanHear

A Monumental Tribute to West Coast Culture

This historic decision comes after more than nine months of diligent efforts led by Lonzo Williams, President of the Compton Entertainment Chamber of Commerce, and widely recognized as the “Godfather of West Coast Hip Hop.” The City Council’s resounding approval underscores the immense influence and enduring legacy of Eazy-E, whose contributions to the genre continue to resonate with fans worldwide.

Lonzo Williams, President of the Compton Entertainment Chamber of Commerce and Godfather of West Coast Hip Hop

Lonzo Williams, President of the Compton Entertainment Chamber of Commerce

Check out my #HypeFirst Live Session with Lonzo, the man who picked up the gauntlet and led the charge to bring the process to the Compton City Council chamber for a uninmous vote…Tune In!!!

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Get more in-depth with Lonzo via his official website and stay tuned for The Hype Magazine’s conversation with Lonzo about Hip Hop 50 and the West Coast’s place in it…coming soon!!!


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