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Published on September 18th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Traveling Back in Time with RBX: ‘Lets Ride’ Revives a Hip Hop Era

In an era where Hip Hop often seemed to lose its way amidst a sea of uniformity, RBX, along with his collaborators Sccit and Siavash, sought to take it back to its roots. The concept was simple yet powerful – bringing back the diversity and unique voices that characterized the 90s Hip Hop scene. They aimed to craft another classic West Coast anthem, a track that would transport listeners to a time when Hip Hop was a sonic journey with Lets Ride.

“Lets Ride” drew its inspiration from RBX’s love for classic cars, especially old Cadillacs and lowriders. It was a nod to the culture of cruising and the love for automobiles that was deeply rooted in the West Coast hip-hop scene. When Siavash The Grouch and Sccit played the beat for RBX, it instantly resonated with him, invoking memories of legends like Warren G. The vision was clear, and they ran with it.

RBX envisioned that fans would embrace this release as a teaser for the main course – his forthcoming album, “Hibernation Shivers,” slated for release in November. With Sccit and Siavash attuned to the desires of their fanbase, there was an air of confidence that fans would be in for a treat.

RBX and Snoop Dogg

RBX and Snoop Dogg

Behind the scenes of the video shoot, RBX and his crew faced an unexpected twist. While wrapping up the shoot at a park in Van Nuys, someone smashed the window of Siavash The Grouch’s banana cream Cadillac. Despite the hiccup, the day had been filled with love, positive vibes, and a shared mission to spread good times and music.

With “Lets Ride,” RBX and his collaborators were on a mission to revive the essence of Hip Hop’s golden era, reminding the world that The Narrator was back, and he was here to stay.


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