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Published on October 26th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Bay Area Artist Izye Hits with ‘YSL’

With a growing fanbase, praise for her unique voice, and several acclaimed singles already released, Izye is already well on the way to becoming an icon. On ‘YSL,’ she envisions the glamour, the pitfalls, and the shopping list that comes with being a star.

San Francisco Bay Area artist Izye has shared her latest single, ‘YSL,’ as her global icon status continues to gather pace.

izye - YSL - cover artwork by @by.kwdbge

The singer is riding high following the release of her 2022 debut EP F**K BOYS, GET MONEY!!! Her latest single ‘Tiramisu,’ has gained an incredible 15,000 average monthly listeners on Spotify alone, with her fanbase continuing to grow each month. 

Much of Izye’s recent success has been credited to her captivating voice. Gifted with a wide vocal range – by turns soaring, velvety soul singer and rasping, urban hip-hopper – Izye is one of those artists whose songs tend to stop you in your tracks. She offers a sound like Ariana Grande but with harmonies, melodies, and playful lyricism, which are very much her own. 

Izye’s newest single ‘YSL, is her most earnest and fun to date. Over sleek, trap production, Izye shares a tongue-in-cheek manifesto about life when she finally achieves the stardom she’s always dreamed of. It’s a witty, buoyant, catchy track about fame, fashion, and what stardom is about for a person who’s grinding non-stop to go after it. 

Speaking about her newest single, Izye said: “I’ve always had big dreams, but I knew it wouldn’t be handed to me. My parents aren’t well-connected in the music industry & don’t have endless money to help me get to where I want to be – as much as they support me. I personally funded and oversaw every video, song, and photoshoot. She added: “I want the nicer things in life, but I knew that I’m going to have to work hard to achieve them.” 

“YSL” a song I wrote about a year ago. Inspired by a captivating calliope hook, I knew it was meant for me. This track is about envisioning a successful life while navigating struggles. 

I work hard at my day job to pursue my passion for music. I understand that achieving the finer things in life requires dedication and effort. 

Filming the video for “YSL” was an absolute blast! Thanks to my mix engineer, Joni Myllari, I connected with Chandler, Patil, and Ursa8 Films. I shared my vision for the video, and they ran with it, turning it into something truly amazing.

Let’s not forget the song is meant to be light-hearted and fun, with a hint of corniness that’ll make you smile.”

This mentality makes ‘YSL’ such an alluring and brilliant song. It’s not some frivolous, superficial track – it’s caused by a woman who knows what she wants and how she plans on getting it…


Photos by @campbell.pdf 

Collage/Artwork by @by.kwdbge

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