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Published on October 5th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


T.I. VACAY ft Kamo Mphela Unleashes Southern Vibes

T.I., the legendary figure behind 20 years of groundbreaking music, recently dropped a bombshell on the Hip Hop world. In the wake of announcing his final album, “Kill The King,” the seasoned rap icon realized he had an arsenal of unreleased tracks just begging to see the light of day. To quench the thirst of his global fanbase and tide us over until the big “King” reveal, T.I. blesses us with an appetizer album, aptly titled “Kiss The King.” T.I. VACAY ft Kamo Mphela is the proper launch pad!!!

“VACAY,” the electrifying first single off this prelude project, boasts a fiery collaboration with the South African sensation, Kamo Mphela. Mphela, known for her recent track “Dalie,” which skyrocketed to Gold status in a mere six days, adds a dynamic South African flair to T.I.’s already impressive arsenal.

T.I. Isn’t Just Killing Kings; He’s Shattering Egos

When discussing “Kill The King,” T.I. sheds light on its deeper meaning, stating, “This is merely a metaphor for killing one’s ego, and not figuratively getting killed.” In celebration of 20 years of Trap Music – a sub-genre he not only created but also popularized – T.I. continues to evolve, melding the signature trap sound with the South African amapiano vibes, lovingly termed “Trapiano” by producer Champuru. The result? An auditory journey that kickstarts South Africa’s impending summer with a bang.

Crafted with the impeccable touch of Champuru, “VACAY” is a vibrant testament to the joy of escaping reality with your closest pals, making unforgettable memories in the process. T.I. himself encapsulates the essence of the single, remarking, “This single is about going on vacation with your closest friends, having the time of your lives, and creating memories.”

T.I. Takes the Director’s Chair in “VACAY” Music Video

What’s even more exciting is the music video for “VACAY,” co-directed by the man himself, Tip “T.I.” Harris, alongside the talented Gifted Talents. The video embarks on a journey, commencing with a snippet from a recent Breakfast Club interview where Charlamagne and T.I. chat about visiting the same exotic islands during their vacations. From there, it’s all aboard the private jet with T.I., as he jets off to the islands for an unforgettable, high-octane experience.

So get ready for the sonic rollercoaster that is “Kiss The King,” and stay tuned for more electrifying tracks from the maestro himself. T.I. is here to conquer, one track at a time.

Watch T.I.’s new move “Da ‘Partments”: https://dapartments404.com

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