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Published on May 30th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


M’Zayy Drops New Single “Pop Sh*t”: A Testament to Resilience and Authenticity

Jahzaiha “M’Zayy” Johnson, a rising star in the underground Hip Hop scene, has released his latest single, “Pop Sh*t.” This new track follows his solid debut “Of Course” and showcases his unique blend of sound, style, and substance. With “Pop Sh*t,” M’Zayy challenges listeners to rise to new heights, offering a powerful encapsulation of his artistry.

Authentic Sound and Style

Hailing from both New York and the DMV region, M’Zayy brings a rich cultural backdrop to his music. “Pop Sh*t” exemplifies his ability to blend authentic Hip Hop elements with contemporary influences, creating a track that is both fresh and grounded. The song highlights M’Zayy’s lyrical prowess and his commitment to staying true to his roots.

Resilience Through Adversity

M’Zayy’s journey has been marked by significant adversity, including the loss of his father, Big Ant, and close friend, Darve’ll. These personal tragedies have fueled his deep dive into music, using it as a means of catharsis and self-expression. “Pop Sh*t” reflects this resilience, capturing the emotional depth and determination that define M’Zayy’s work.

Community Impact

Beyond his musical talents, M’Zayy has become a pillar of strength within his community. His unwavering perseverance and dedication inspire others, making him a role model for resilience and hard work. M’Zayy’s commitment to his craft and his community underscores his steady rise in the music industry.

A Promising Future

With “Pop Sh*t,” M’Zayy Johnson continues to solidify his place in the underground Hip Hop scene. His authentic sound, combined with his personal story of resilience, makes his music relatable and impactful. As he moves forward in his career, M’Zayy is undoubtedly an artist to watch, bringing authenticity and depth to the culture with each new release.

Stay updated on the world of M’Zayy via his IG…he’s moving around!


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