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Published on June 20th, 2024 | by Ralph Okobz


Dublin Hip Hop Star Beano Shares Debut Album “Unsolicited Beef”

Beano is a Hip Hop artist from North Dublin who is set to make waves in the Irish scene and beyond with the release of his highly anticipated debut album, ‘Unsolicited Beef’, under the esteemed Irish label Outstraight Records. Known for his slick rhyme schemes and gritty flows reminiscent of 90s hip-hop icons, Beano’s journey from a young enthusiast to a formidable artist has culminated in this groundbreaking 11-track project.

With a consistent back catalog of high-quality releases since his debut track ‘Marju’, coupled with a large support base across the country – this project from the Dublin native will signify a new level of artistic endeavor, showcasing a more polished style, format, and dedication from one of the cities best wordsmiths. ‘Unsolicited Beef’ is a seamless blend of classic hip-hop productions and contemporary influences, spanning a captivating 30-minute duration. From high-energy anthems like ‘Shark Week’ to introspective gems like ‘Anointed in Art’, the album promises something for every aficionado of the genre, in what is a melting pot of sounds from a host of differing producers, ensuring that listeners will be hooked from start to finish with a sonically diverse and compelling project.

Leading the charge is the infectious single ‘Ellenfield Park Flow’, produced by the renowned 404NOTFOUND. A homage to the golden era of 90s hip-hop, Beanos synonymous high octane energy and intricate rhyme schemes showcase an artist that has truly immersed himself in the artform of hip-hop, setting the tone for the album’s nostalgic yet modern vibe. With its blend of feel-good vibes and relatable storytelling, ‘Ellenfield Park Flow’ is emblematic of Beano’s mastery of the genre, while also being true to the present day and evolution of the genre.

Beano shares “The single is a time capsule of milestones and memories from my childhood right through to today. The creative process for Ellenfield Park Flow was a cathartic one for me – as I got to revisit a number of locations and experiences that are very close to me in a local and artistic setting.” The title track, ‘Unsolicited Beef’, featuring fellow Outstraight Records artist Donkobz, offers a more laid-back groove, inviting listeners into a contemplative exploration of Beano’s lyrical finesse. Set against a backdrop of jazzy production, the track exemplifies the album’s depth and versatility.

With ‘Unsolicited Beef’, Beano establishes himself as a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop landscape, signalling the start of an exciting journey for both the artist and Outstraight Records. As he gears up for a prolific year ahead, fans can expect a series of groundbreaking releases that further solidify his place in the pantheon of Irish hip-hop, in what is a record truly embodying this genre at its absolute finest.

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