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Published on July 5th, 2024 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


82MAJOR: The Super Rookie Brings A Sensational Breeze With the Legendary Song ‘10 Minutes’   

Since 2023, the Y2K trend has evolved from last year’s early 2000s to this year’s millennial vibe, blending the heyday of 90s and 2000s hip-hop. Iconic artists like 2Pac, Biggie, Jay Z, and Eminem have had their music styles, fashion, and even visuals reinterpreted with a modern twist, creating a fresh trend for 2024. Recently, the “10 Minutes challenges” by legendary 2000s K-Pop star Lee Hyori have become popular among TikTok GenZ users abroad. Meanwhile, the rookie K-pop group 82MAJOR has gained significant attention by showcasing their “10 Minutes” version on the WATERBOMB stages. 

82MAJOR, a group of six Korean boys, debuted in October 2023 with “FIRST CLASS” and released their comeback album ‘BEAT by 82’ in April, balancing K-pop and hip-hop with their unique style. Let’s learn more about their music and their rapid growth. They began to attract attention after the release of their second album when they were named among the rookie artists to watch for Coachella 2025 by ELLE India. The group’s live skills and producing abilites caught the public’s eye, making 82MAJOR an intriguing group for many. 82Major recently had a very successful debut on global and U.S. radio, reaching #74 on the Global Radio Top 200 and #5 on the Independent Radio Top 150, as well as #1 on the U.S. iTunes chart. Also, according to THE SOURCE, they mentioned “WATERBOMB’s special song “10 Minutes” by 82MAJOR captivates the audience with their trendy musical sensibilities and unique take on the song, elicting surpirse and admiration from the crowd.” 

Much like the spread of 90s hip-hop, the WATERBOMB festival, which was first held in Korea, has gained worldwide popularity. It’s a large-scale outdoor summer festival beloved by many, featuring K-pop and hip-hop artists, making it one of the top events to enjoy in summer. At WATERBOMB Hong Kong and Dubai, 82MAJOR captivated Gen Z and hip-hop listeners with their hip-hop songs and rendition of Lee Hyori’s “10 Minutes,” boosting anticipation for their upcoming global tour.

(IMAGE CREDIT. Great M Entertainment, VARIETY) 

First, could you introduce you to listeners who might not know you well or have just become your fans?

CHO SEONG IL: Hello, We are 82MAJOR! Our group’s name is inspired by South Korea’s country code, 82, representing our ambition to start from Korea and expand globally as major players! We’re excited to meet TheHypeMagazine readers. 

NAM SEONG MO: Hello! I’m NAM SEONG MO, the rapper of 82MAJOR. 

PARK SEOK JUN: Hi, I’m PARK SEOK JUN, the low-tone of 82MAJOR. 

YOON YE CHAN: Hi, the ace of 82MAJOR, excelling in dancing, vocals, and rapping! I’m YOON YE CHAN. Nice to meet you! 

CHO SEONG IL: Hello, the leader and mood-maker, CHO SEONG IL. 

HWANG SEONG BIN: Hello, I’m HWANG SEONG BIN, a rapper of 82MAJOR. 

KIM DO GYUN: Hi! I’m the cutest, youngest member, and main vocalist of 82MAJOR, KIM DO GYUN! 

(IMAGE CREDIT. Great M Entertainment, VARIETY) 

Your Hong Kong and Dubai performances showcased your refreshing yet sexy hip-hop boy group image. How was the atmosphere, and what are your thoughts on the performances?

NAM SEONG MO: Both Hong Kong and Dubai were really fun. Performing overseas for the first time was a great experience, and we also learned areas we need to improve on! 

CHO SEONG IL: I vividly remember the enthusiastic responses from the audience. Seeing everyone enjoying together energized us and allowed us more fun on stage. I still remember the atmosphere clearly! 

At the WATERBOMB, you surprised many listeners by performing a unique hip-hop version of Lee Hyori’s “10 Minutes.” How did this come about?

YOON YE CHAN: We wanted to show something different at the WATERBOMB. That’s how we decided to perform Lee Hyori’s “10 Minutes.” 

PARK SEOK JUN: “10 Minutes” is a song many people love, making it great for everyone to enjoy. We thought it would be perfect for engaging with the audience at WATERBOMB. 

HWANG SEONG BIN: We wanted a song that everyone can enjoy and have fun. We decided to reinterpret a song filled with many people’s memories in 82MAJOR’s unique style, which led us to perform “10 Minutes”! 


(IMAGE CREDIT. Great M Entertainment, VARIETY) 

Following up on the “10 Minutes” question, your version brought a new hip-hop style while keeping the original’s essence. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be released as a track. Are you planning to release “10 Minutes” or a similar song?

YOON YE CHAN: Nothing decided yet! Haha! I really like Lee Hyori’s “10 Minutes,” so I want to show more songs in this vibe! What do you think, 82DE? 

CHO SEONG IL: We’re always striving to show diverse aspects of 82MAJOR. All the members are working hard on writing songs and challenging various genres! We’ll do our best to present many great songs in the future, so please look forward to it!  

I heard you’re preparing for a global tour following the WATERBOMB! Which country’s performance are you most looking forward to, and as it’s your first international tour, what special surprises do you have for your fans?

KIM DO GYUN: I’m thrilled and excited to meet many 82DE through our global tour! I’m looking forward to every country’s performance! 

NAM SEONG MO: We hope to present various music and appearances, like a chameleon, as gifts! All the members are working hard on their music, thinking of how to show 82DE a great stage. Please look forward to it! 

Lastly, could you say a word to your fans looking forward to WATERBOMB Seoul and the global tour?

HWAN SEONG BIN: We’re constantly thinking and practicing to show 82MAJOR’s unique stage. We’ll show you what our music is on stage. Please look forward to it! 

CHO SEONG IL: 82DE! Are you ready to have fun and get excited with us? We’re ready! Let’s have a great time together then! 

At this year’s WATERBOMB, K-pop boy group 82MAJOR’s music and hot live performances, appealing to Gen Z and X generations, have brought nostalgia and freshness to many K-pop and hip-hop fans. They are rising rapidly, elevating expectations for the upcoming WATERBOMB Seoul climax and their global tour.  

Editor’s Review 

82MAJOR’s producing and live skills are balanced with their great visuals. This balance lets them to uniquely present a legendary version of “10 Minutes” from the Y2K era. The song has made a comeback after more than 20 years. We look forward to them staying legends for the public 20 years from now. We will watch the new industry they will lead. 


Artist 82MAJOR  

Head of Label Youngsun Kim 

Publicist Taeon Yoo 

PR Sarah Min, Dallin Yu, Olivia Lee 

Photography Min Suk Kim 

Photography Assistant Summer Han 

Visual Director Yeyoung Kim  

Stylist Yang Hee Jin 

Hair Jinkyung Seo, Kyungjin Lee 

Makeup Junghyun Lim, Ji Won Kim  

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