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Published on July 9th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Award-Winning Hitmaker Pheelz Unveils Highly Anticipated ‘Pheelz Good II’ EP

Nigerian Artist Concludes ‘Pheelz Good’ Trilogy with a Blend of Afrobeats, R&B, and Hip-Hop

Pheelz, the award-winning Nigerian artist, producer, and songwriter, has released his highly anticipated EP, Pheelz Good II. This new release marks the culmination of his critically acclaimed “Pheelz Good” trilogy series, which began in February 2023. Following the success of “Pheelz Good I”, which garnered over a billion streams, and “Pheelz Good (Triibe Tape)”, this latest EP offers an intimate and unfiltered reflection of Pheelz’s true self.

Exploring New Soundscapes

“Pheelz Good II” showcases Pheelz’s versatility by blending afrobeats with elements of R&B, soul, and Hip Hop. The creative process behind the EP involved a deep dive into his emotions and experiences, resulting in a project that reflects his personal journey. Each track tells a unique story, ranging from love and relationships to personal struggles and triumphs. Pheelz incorporates live instrumentation to add a rich, organic feel to the project, making it a must-listen for fans and critics alike.

Inspired by Fans and Musical Icons

Inspired by his dedicated fans, known as the Pheelz Good Tribe, as well as musical influences from Fela Kuti, Burna Boy, and Kanye West, Pheelz has crafted an EP that celebrates authenticity and creativity. “I want to introduce the world to a new style of afrobeats and show people back home another style of interpreting the Afro spirit,” says Pheelz. “Pheelz Good II is about fully owning who I am and allowing my audience to connect with the raw, unfiltered version of myself.”

Highlight Tracks on “Pheelz Good II”

  • “Fever”: Featuring Niniola, this vibrant track captures the exhilarating rush of meeting someone who takes your breath away, with playful pickup lines and an irresistible musical backdrop.
  • “Majo”: Inspired by the excitement of a friend’s wedding, this energetic celebration anthem calls for listeners to enjoy life’s joyous moments, capturing the essence of a true Lagos party.
  • “Kamikaze”: An introspective song where Pheelz delves into the struggles and anxieties of life, reflecting his battles with stress and concern for his loved ones.
  • “Yeye”: A love song that beautifully encapsulates the excitement and vulnerability of romance, pleading for enduring love while acknowledging the fear of heartbreak.
  • “Rotate”: Closing the EP on a sensual note, this slower, intimate dance track celebrates connection and rhythm, inviting lovers to lose themselves in the moment.

Industry Recognition and Future Prospects

Pheelz has been recognized by global tastemakers including Billboard, Rolling Stone, and TIME Magazine. Named ‘Artist to Watch’ by Amazon Music and Pandora, with co-signs from Dr. Dre, Timbaland, and Barack Obama, Pheelz continues to make waves in the music industry. His collaborations with Usher, Pharrell Williams, Grammy Award winner Kali Uchis, and The Chainsmokers further cement his place as a global music star.


Pheelz (Approved Press Image)

More About Pheelz

From his early days in Lagos to becoming one of Nigeria’s most sought-after producers, Pheelz’s journey is marked by his dedication and passion for music. His work with Nigerian legends like Olamide, Davido, and Wizkid, as well as his own chart-topping music, has set him apart as an exciting artist resonating on a global scale.

Pheelz’s historic performance at the BET Awards Pre-Show and nominations for ‘Best International Act’ at the BET Awards and ‘Best African Music Act’ at the MOBO Awards highlight his rising star. His live performances on platforms such as “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and VEVO Ctrl Sessions, along with features in TIME Magazine, Billboard, and Rolling Stone, underscore his global appeal.

As Pheelz continues to break barriers and set new benchmarks, his vision, and artistry remain rooted in authenticity and emotional depth. With “Pheelz Good II”, he invites listeners to embrace their true selves and their unique stories, promising more innovative sounds and heartfelt narratives in the future. The music world eagerly anticipates what Pheelz will accomplish next, as he continues to connect with listeners across the globe.

“Pheelz Good II” is now available on all major streaming platforms.



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