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Global Black Diaspora Unites for the Birth of a New Nation Global Peace Summit This August In Atlanta.

A groundbreaking initiative is set to unfold this August as Black, Afro, and Indigenous representatives from nations, tribes, clans, governments, and civil societies worldwide converge in Atlanta for the inaugural “Birth of a New Nation” Global Peace Summit. This gathering, dedicated to promoting unity and collaboration among Afro and Indigenous descendants, promises to be a transformative event for all participants.

The summit, envisioned as a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and action, aims to empower Black communities globally by addressing pressing issues, sharing insights, and co-creating solutions. Through a diverse array of activities such as the Royal Convocation Ceremony welcoming Royals from Africa and within the Global Black Diaspora, Press Conferences, Meet and Greets, International Trade Exhibits, Workshops, Panels, Invention Clinic, Fashion Show, Language Lessons, Self-Defense Sessions, and Food Samplings, attendees will engage in profound discussions and immersive experiences that foster understanding and cooperation.

Under the visionary leadership of H. E. Shanta Lana Hereford, Co-Chair, and Founder of the Center for Truth and Healing, this event has been meticulously crafted to unite the Global Black Diaspora, in line with the Durban Declaration and African Union’s initiative to organize the 6th region of Africa, The African Diaspora. Royal Ambassador-at-Large for The Ateker Kingdom Alliance, represents more than 750 Indigenous African Kingdoms and Chiefdoms that span across East and Central Africa, each central to the process of unification.

Guided by Program Chair Her Imperial Majesty Empress Myishola Matthews, a distinguished member of C20 for G20 and the African Diaspora Collective NSA, serving as a Special Envoy to the United Nations, the Summit has strategically put into action all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through the establishment of focused working groups addressing key areas such as economic development, women and youth empowerment, healthcare, and international trade, the Summit aims to generate impactful policy papers and recommendations, culminating in dynamic round table discussions during the event.

Her Excellency Dr. Ameena Ali, Founder and Executive Director of the Federation of International Gender and Human Rights (FIGHR), and the esteemed founder of the Harbor Heritage University, will host a grand Royal Convocation on August 18, bringing together royals and diplomats from across the globe to champion the cause of global peace and unity. This illustrious gathering promises to be a momentous occasion for all participants and attendees.

Notable speakers at the Summit include His Majesty King Papa Paul Sande Emolot (Traditional Royal Ruler of The Ateker Kingdom Alliance and Iteso Nation), Dr. Rashad Richey (Host, Indisputable with Rashad Richey), Dr. Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson (Founder, The HYPE Magazine), Bill Huston (Inc. Magazine’s Top 20 Global Crowdfunding Experts), Dr. Vincent White (NetZero Compliance Expert for Trade and Business), Arkee Hodges (Founder of The Black Achievement Fund), and Pretty Okafor (President of The Performing Musicians of Nigeria). The event will also feature traditional dance exhibitions, cooking demonstrations, storytelling sessions, and cultural performances to showcase the rich tapestry of African and Indigenous cultures, fostering a spirit of mutual respect and appreciation.

Exciting collaborations with The Hype Magazine, VIP Socio, Mastering Our Business (M.O.B), Bolanle Media, and EM3 Inc. will elevate the Summit experience by providing innovative media and marketing strategies to connect with eventgoers.

With a call for volunteers, sponsors, and vendors to participate in this impactful event, the Birth of a New Nation Global Peace Summit invites individuals to contribute to a week of inspiration, collaboration, and meaningful change on a global scale.

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