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Published on June 21st, 2024 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


2LOT ft. Michael Kang – Arrow of Time

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2ŁØT drops ‘Arrow of Time,’ their fifth single from the forthcoming album. Blending EDM and Jamband influences, the band crafts a fresh EJM (Electronic Jam Music) sound showcased in this latest release.

“Arrow of Time” is a reflection on the unrelenting march of time, likening it to an arrow launched by the universe’s archer—the Big Bang—propelling existence from order to disorder. It’s a heartfelt plea, urging listeners to seize fleeting opportunities and cherish the present. Grateful for our existence, it’s a song of love for the arrow of time, celebrating its unstoppable journey.

“Arrow of Time encapsulates the cosmic journey from order to disorder, a testament to the universe’s relentless momentum,” said Rudy Love, Jr., band vocalist and keyboardist. It’s a heartfelt anthem, beckoning us to grasp fleeting moments and treasure the present. With each beat, it celebrates our existence and the unstoppable trajectory of time’s arrow.”

The track features nationally recognized jam band electric mandolin player, Michael Kang. The song includes lush string orchestration arranged by Robert Trusko and performed by Dallas based strings Leoncarlo Canlas (vln1), Scarlett Deering (vln 2), Steven Juarez (vla), Brianne Sargent (vlc). Strings recorded by Joel Raif and drums were recorded by Chris Godbey in Furndware Studios. The song was produced by Albert Harvey, Omar Jahwar II, and the rest of 2ŁØT. The track was mixed by Trusko and mastered by Cassian Irvine. Album work and canvas by Owen Fegan.

Named after the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, 2ŁØT exemplifies their mission to bring order and meaning to a chaotic universe through their captivating music. Their goal goes beyond delivering exceptional melodies; they aim to be a meaningful catalyst to social change movements and offer the audience an unmatched live experience.

2ŁØT brings together a diverse mix of artists whose paths intertwined at pivotal moments in their lives. Rudy Love Jr. on keyboard and lead vocals, Omar Jahwar II (a.k.a. II) on drums, Chase Koch on guitar, Robert Trusko on bass, and Sage Judd on keyboard form the powerhouse collective that is 2ŁØT.

2ŁØT is playing the official after party for Elsewhere Festival and Conference in Wichita, Kansas on Saturday, June 22. Closing out an epic weekend with performances from Lane 8, Sultan + Shepard, Killer Mike, and many more.

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