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Published on June 16th, 2024 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


SUR LE PONT d’AVIGNON — Mach-Hommy, Conductor Williams

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Mach-Hommy, continues the rollout of his critically acclaimed album #RICHAXXHAITIAN, The video for one the album’s unexpected standout cuts, “SUR LE PONT d’AVIGNON (Reparation #1)” ft. Sam Gendel, drops this evening at 7pm EST alongside a limited-edition drop of thematic merchandise. The video, directed by Lasheef Ecks, was filmed at Haiti’s National Landmark, La Citadelle Laferrière, a 19th-century fortress located in Milot, in the northern region of the country. Built by the island nation’s first president and only king, Henri Christophe, in 1820 and designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, La Citadelle remains a marvel of engineering, history, and resilience. The video captures majestic aerial views and panoramic backdrops as Mach performs atop the fortress’ centuries-old architecture. “This is an exact visual representation of how I felt when I wrote this song and how I feel every time I hear this song,” says Mach.

Hinting at the song’s parenthetical title, Mach notes, “They’ve been rocking us to sleep with that shit for so long. My turn now.” Despite the fact that the song itself weaves in the well-known 15th century French nursery rhyme, “SUR LE PONT d’AVIGNON” is no lullaby. . This melodic venture sees Mach floating between English rhymes, French melodies, and Arabic prayers, atop smooth production from Grammy-winning beatsmith Conductor Williams. The track also features burgeoning and flourishing saxophone, courtesy of elusive composer, Sam Gendel.

Watch “SUR LE PONT d’AVIGNON (Reparation #1)” ft. Sam Gendel here (live at 7pm EST on 6/14):

Along with the new video, Mach will unveil a limited-edition merch capsule in the theme of #RICHAXXHAITIAN. The capsule includes designer t-shirts and water bottles that feature Mach’s proprietary camouflage. Designed by Mach himself and inspired by the album, the T-shirts include quotes related to Haiti. The limited-edition, handmade, designer vinyl pressings include options such as sand-filled and money-filled.

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