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Published on July 4th, 2019 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


ZaeHD & CEO – Humpty Dumpty

Stringing together punchlines atop bass-heavy beats, ZaeHD & CEO know the power of a dance craze. Giving trend watchers plenty of next options for the next viral move, ZaeHD & CEO share “Humpty Dumpty,” their next video. Dressing up like stereotypical ’80s movie Poindexters, completewith high-waisted pants, suspenders, thick glasses, and shiny braces, Zae & CEO try to have fun in a treacherous high school setting. The duo unleash some wild choreography as they dodge bullies and try their best to look fly. Packed with raunchy witticisms and infectious flows, “Humpty Dumpty” is a piano-driven banger from HighDefGang Vol. 1, the first mixtape by ZaeHD & CEO.

With a collage-like cover that shows a few of Zae and CEO’s favorite things (popcorn, shrimp, aliens, and all things winter), HighDefGang Vol. 1 relies on the interplay between the two rhymers, as their hushed witticisms contrast with the overdriven bass in the beats. Produced in full by HD Gang’s in-house producer Toosi, known for his producer tag “them hits don’t make no sense,” the new tape features the hit single “All In”, which has 7 million views on its official video, 2.2 million plays on its official dance video, 6 million plays on Spotify, and inspired a Verified video on Genius. HighDefGang Vol. 1 also boasts the hit follow-up “Robotics” (1.2 million video views, 1.98 million Spotify plays, and an appearance on Drake’s Insta story). One of the most purely joyful and energetic rap releases of the year so far, HighDefGang Vol. 1 is available everywhere for stream and purchase.

Though they are relatively new to rapping, Little Rock, Arkansas natives ZaeHD and CEO have long been influential in the culture as dancers, starting their careers in the orbit of viral dance extraordinaire SheLovesMeechie. Last year, Zae & CEO created a dance video for BlocBoy JB’s “Shoot” dance, which racked up over 49 million views on YouTube, propelling the dance into the broader culture. With over 219k subscribers and a massive social media following, Zae and CEO will continue to dance their way into the hearts of rap fans all over the country with their original songs. The most purely joyful and energetic rap release of the year so far, HighDefGang Vol. 1 is available everywhere for stream and purchase.

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