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You’ll Be Jonesing for Jesse Jones

Jessy Jones might look more like a GQ model than an adult performer, but his scenes are becoming legendary, especially with his 2017 win for Foreign Male Performer of the Year. He’s been in the industry for over seven years and has performed with some of the most beautiful women you probably fantasize about. The French Canadian (who speaks French and has the uber cool accent to match) hails from New Brunswick, Canada and resides here in the U.S. with his foxy fly fiancee, Jaclyn Taylor.

We sat down with him to find out more about his big directing gig he recently scored with Evil Angel, the new Canadian documentary he’s featured in, how cyber bullying has personally affected him, the type of music he grooves to, and much more.

What types of projects did you do while you were in film school at UCLA?

Students were expected to write, direct and edit a motion picture with sound during their first academic quarter. At the end of each quarter, the completed films were screened and critiqued in a campus theater before an audience packed with faculty, fellow students, family and friends. My final exam was on one of my greatest idols, Kurt Cobain.

How did you get into adult?

I got in the adult industry in 2010 while on campus at UCLA. Justice Young and Amy Reid approached me and asked me and my girlfriend if we wanted to do a scene with them for upcoming movie. We were hesitant at first, but then later on, we met with them at their house in the Valley and we talked. Since I was a big fan of Amy Reid, we both accepted to shoot a scene for them. Afterward they brought us to L.A. Direct Models and we signed with the agency.

What is the biggest misconception that most civilians/regular people think about adult stars?

I would say the biggest misconception that civilians have with adult is that we have to shoot nonstop for hours, and also that most of us are drug addicts and not smart business people, which is absolutely not true. Also, that we take big risks because we’re not tested which is not true. We get tested every 14 days.

You recently filmed a documentary for Quebec company Pixcom. Can you tell us about some of the footage they filmed, what we can expect to see, and when it will be available?

I was approached in November to be part of an eight-episode series that’s going to air in Canada on Channel Z and on Netflix. They wanted me to talk about my life as an adult star, the success and the truth behind shooting adult, and behind the scenes in the industry. The documentary is going to be great. They followed us for 20 days straight, through the XBIZ and AVN Awards. I can’t wait to see the final product.

What made you want to become a director?

I got a camera when I was a kid and I used to film all kind of stuff. I remember telling all my friends that I would love to be a director in Los Angeles, but being from a small town in Canada that was a very far far-fetched dream. But I soon as I got a chance, I just went for it and here we are.

When is your first Evil Angel title set to make its debut and can you tell us a little about it?

My first Evil Angel title is going to be called First Class Anal and I’m actually filming it at the moment. It’s going to be all top performers doing great anal scene. I wanted it to be natural, I wanted it to be hot, and I wanted it to be passionate. Being on set all the time for different companies made me realize that I can do this job better than most of them, so I’m happy to be behind the camera and actually showing the world what I’m capable of. It stars Ariana Marie, Adria Rae, Luna Star, and Angela White. My camera man is my longtime friend Craven Moorhead and my photographer is Rick Shameless.

Have you directed any other projects in mainstream or adult? If so, what are they?

This will be my first official movie that I have directed in the adult industry. As for mainstream, I can’t divulge that information because of non-disclosure agreements and legal reasons.

You were a good friend of August Ames, whom tragically passed last year due to cyber bullying. Can you tell us about her? And, what do you think should be done about people you use social media to bully others?

What happened to August Ames is one of the hardest things I had to deal with since I’ve been in the adult industry. What happened to her is tragic and was very hard on me. Cyber bullying is a big problem these days and I’m very sad that it happened to her. I was one of the first person to defend her when she tweeted that, and I knew what she meant. August was by far not a homophobe. I think that people who bully others online should be held responsible for their actions and stop hiding behind their keyboards.

What type of music do you enjoy listening to and/or seeing live? Who are some of your favorite music artists and/or bands?

I’m a 90s kind of guy so I really like Wu-Tang Clan, Nirvana, NOFX, Bad Religion, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Green Day and many more. I try to attend concerts every chance I get.

Tell us something about Jessy Jones that no one knows.

I’m ambidextrous and used to ride Motocross for a living, before I moved to the United States.

How can your fans and potential new fans find you on social media to keep up with your adventures?


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