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Dr. Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson, CEO and Owner of The HYPE Magazine, Launches the Second Year of the 30-Day Challenge to Empower Readers with Wealth-Building Strategies as part of her Ignite Your Lyfe program.

Dr. Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson, a visionary in financial empowerment and CEO of The HYPE Magazine, proudly announces the commencement of the second annual 30-Day Challenge, aimed at providing readers with essential tips and tools to access wealth.

Building on the success of the inaugural year that saw over 800 participants join the call, with more than 150 individuals successfully enhancing their personal credit, establishing businesses, creating trust, initiating real estate projects, and transforming mindsets, Dr. Wilkerson is gearing up for an even more impactful year ahead.

Starting every Tuesday in January 2024, Dr. Wilkerson will host a virtual 30-day challenge class, covering a diverse array of topics such as credit repair, business credit, funding, healthy living, and more. The challenge is designed to equip participants with the necessary resources to achieve financial goals and live their best lives.

The HYPE Magazine, renowned as the premier lifestyle and entertainment urban-based publication globally, serves as the perfect platform for Dr. Wilkerson’s transformative 30-day challenge. Readers can expect an immersive experience featuring business tips, webinars, and insights from guest experts who specialize in the aforementioned topics.

Dr. Wilkerson expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming challenge, stating, “I am excited to launch this 30-day challenge and provide our readers with the tips and tools they need to access wealth and live their best lives. For 20 years, The HYPE Magazine has been dedicated to empowering our readers with the knowledge and resources they need to achieve their financial goals, and this challenge is just one of the ways we are working to do that.”

Open to all readers of The HYPE Magazine, the 30-day challenge invites interested individuals to sign up below and embark on a transformative journey toward financial empowerment.

To sign up for the challenge and for more information, please register.

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