While Lihtz is no new comer to the camera, he is just as familiar with the microphone. After creating a platform and building his audience as a cast member of “Empire,” one of the highest viewed television series, Lihtz has now re-focused his energy on building his rap career. This MC got his big break in television, exposing his music to the world, and he hopes to continue to grow his fan base worldwide.

Lihtz took a major step forward in his musical career with the release of his official music video for, “Simplicity,” his latest single. The song was released as follow up to his recent release of, “Fishscale,” produced by AListFame.  The clip, which is directed by Guru Media Group, matches the audio’s emotionally charged theme of appreciating the simple things in life. With all eyes currently on Lihtz, there are rumblings of major recording contracts in the works. This is sure to be augmented with collaborations from Fat Joe, and even Meek Mill.

When you said, you didn’t really see yourself as a rapper. What is it that you saw yourself as? Did you not see yourself as a musician?

Lihtz: More than anything, I just didn’t want to be ordinary. I feel like everyone in my neighborhood wanted to be a rapper. At the time I knew, I really had the potential to make it. Anything that I do, I want to be the greatest at it. It’s one thing when your friends tell you that you’re hot [musically], but you need that type of reassurance from the world.

How long have you been making music?

Lihtz : I didn’t start recording music until I was 15, at my mans [friend’s] in-house studio. I was paying for studio time out of my own pocket, at a small studio in South Philly. Over time I started to realize the sound I was looking for.

I lived in Atlanta for eight months around 2011-12. When I lived there, it changed my whole vision of music [on the marketing aspect]. It groomed me to become a businessman. When I came back to Philly, I got shirts and flyers for every event.

What was your first musical breakthrough?

Lihtz: When I came back to Philly, I didn’t have much of a following. When I did a freestyle on Meek Mill’s “Heaven and Hell,” that was first time I put a record out and it got me some notoriety.

Tell me about your record “Simplicity”?

Lihtz: In the record I’m referring back to a time in my life where things were just more simpler. Like my love life, my relationship with one of my homies, and myself.

Do you have a musical project that your currently working on right now?

Lihtz: It’s titled,  “The Switch Up.” Throughout the project go back and forth about things. Like on the first record, you’ll hear how many times I switch up the memory.  The Intro track is called, ‘Contradiction’.  I’m contradicting myself, talking positive, and negative things. There’s a particular line in the record, (Starts Rhyming,)

“What if I told you, your beautiful; What if I said your unusual, What if told you’re looking for someone else, but the whole time your loosing you. “What if she act like she bullet proof,                    but deep inside is funeral.”

When will you release the Switch Up?

Lihtz: I am releasing it [The Switch Up] in June. It’ll be the first time I released a project since January 2015, so it’s been a while. Now that the summer is here and I’m done filming with the Empire series, I have the opportunity to move forward and push! [my music].

Where will the Switch Up be available for purchase? 

Lihtz: It’ll be on Spotify, ITunes, maybe Tidal.

Is there anything that you feel I haven’t asked that may be relevant or important for readers to know?

Lihtz:  I’m a correspondent for my mother’s nonprofit organization called, ‘Sneaks For Peeps’. We gather up refurbished sneakers to give to youths and adults of South Philly. From the marketing stand point, this is another asset to reach people. I’m doing music, movies and also giving back, and I’m doing this from a genuine place.

As he prepares for his album release, Liht’s recently released a new single. Take a listen to Lihtz’s latest song with Beyonce below:


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