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Published on July 11th, 2016 | by Emma Rosser


Five surefire ways to hack the clubbing scene

Yazan Daas is Co-founder and Product Manager at NoQue, a startup focused on nightlife and entertainment. NoQue opens up possibilities for endless fun and amazing nights out.

Remember back in college, when every night turned into a scene from ‘The Hangover’ with absolutely no planning? As we get older, have jobs, partners and even families, having a good night out takes a lot more preparation.

Heading out without a plan can be a recipe for disaster. At 11 p.m., the bouncer at the first club didn’t like John’s shirt, so turned the group away. The next club you try an hour later is full. And the next one has a line snaking down the block. Finally the clock strikes 2 a.m., and you’re in a late-night restaurant lamenting about the ‘non-event’ of a night, shoes shined and all.

Going clubbing can be a lot of fun. Until, well, suddenly it’s not. On top of being fairly expensive–the average event-goer spends $81 USD on a night out— clubbing can also get complicated if you don’t play your cards right. So, make sure you do. Here’s five surefire ways to hack the clubbing scene and have a great night.

Plan for transportation and parking


Do your best not to drive to the club. This way everyone can enjoy a few drinks, and parking logistics don’t become a nightmare. Take a taxi or an Uber, and make sure to arrange a car to pick you up later on. You don’t want to be stuck waiting around for a car at the end of the night, when all the fun is over. If you use Uber, may even be lucky enough to have a Rolls-Royce show up to escort your group.

If you must drive, plan where you’ll park. Parking in some areas can be stressful and expensive.  Valet parking services can charge up to $20 USD, and that’s not overnight. And if you opt for street parking, you may need to leave the club multiple times to pay for additional parking. To lessen the stress, try out some driveway sharing apps. ParkAmigo, Park Circa and Gravel let drivers park in other people’s unused parking spaces around a city. It ensures you aren’t circling around trying to find a parking space, and then aren’t preoccupied about your parked car once you do.

Get on a guestlist


If you’re on the guestlist or reserve a table, you won’t have to waste precious time with the gang waiting in long lines full of rowdy, tipsy college kids. And considering the ticket usually accounts for biggest expense on a night out, getting on the guestlist is a sure way to save money. On it, you likely won’t have to pay cover or the bar minimum. And if you arrive late at night without enough time to utilize the bar minimum, being part of the guest list will ensure you don’t have to commit to extra costs.

So, how do you get on a guestlist? For some clubs, simply calling the venue early to request your name be put on the list will get you on, and so will pre-ordering bottle service–this will not only let you skip the line, but once you’re in you’ll be greeted with your own table stocked with alcohol, and sometimes even your own restrooms and personal bar. Other clubs require you go through a promoter. You’ll find one through the club’s Instagram page, and can direct message or Whatsapp message to ask to be put on the guestlist. Depending on the number of people in your group, promoters can charge up to $600 USD.

Wear something that will make you stand out, in a positive way.


Just try to look elegant and trendy. For men, a collared shirt and sharp shoes, or a dress-downed suit is a good look. And oftentimes, high heels are mandatory for women. Try coordinating with your friends to really stand out–wearing the same colours, dresses or shirts could make you the most exciting group at the party. Although, it’s best to research a club’s dress code before heading out, or check out the club’s Instagram or Snapchat to see what people have worn on previous nights. By wearing something impressive, the host may even notice your group and offer you perks throughout the night–like free shorts, better services, or lots of photos of yourself posted on the club’s social media accounts.

Order the same type of drinks as your friends


When you reserve a table and order bottles, make sure everyone at the table orders the same type of liquor. Bottles vary in price from place to place, but can be cost anywhere between $300-$1000 USD depending on the brand and size of the table. So if half the table wants whiskey and the other wants vodka, you could see how the price skyrockets. It’s better to agree on one type of liquor together, and split the cost. But remember, just because you order the same liquor doesn’t mean you have to all have the same drink. You can ask for fruit and sodas to make your own flashy cocktails, different from the rest of the group’s.

Be friendly when you leave, and when you return


Being friendly when you leave a club, and when you return a second time are the keys to getting yourself ‘in’ with the staff. Make these moment pleasant by shaking hands with the door staff and greeting them by name. Be warm and personable and spend a few moments chatting with them, even after you’re behind the velvet rope. That said, be conscious of the mood and the establishment. These guys are very busy and don’t always have time to chat. If they’re stressed or dealing with a capacity crowd, hanging around to make conversation might have a negative effect. Acting in a respectful manner will give you a good rep at your favorite club, and you’ll likely be welcomed with a smile when you return.

A night out should never be tarnished by denied entry, long lines, or having to shovel over a week’s worth of grocery money just to enjoy time with friends. These simple hacks will help you to plan your evening correctly to ensure your group has a great night out in each other’s company.

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