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The First Annual DAZE Summit: Where Scott Morris opens doors for many

In the tri-state area, there are a number of platforms for major talents known across the globe. However, for upcoming talents the platforms are nearly non-existent. The struggle of talented people looking for an opportunity to touch the world has been a long lasting one. However, a young upcoming philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Scott Morris, decided to create a musical platform that will contribute to the struggle of upcoming talents, while giving back to the community and sending kids to college.

In an interview, Morris said, “We have Summer Jam and we have Power House, but not everyone will get the opportunity to showcase their talents on those stages. I felt as if we needed something like that in NYC. There’s a lot of upcoming brands, but they aren’t able to do those things… I needed to create something that will not only differentiate but also be memorable, and allow all types of careers to be in one room.”

Morris created a multitude of brands that have collectively created one of the largest platforms for new talents in the tri-state, especially New York City. His empire consists of Mor Bookings, Mor Value, the Dean’s List Tour, the DAZE Summit, and more. Through innovation, vision, creation, and dedication, Morris has given his time and efforts to making a change in the number of opportunities people have behind the mic, and behind the desk. Morris said, “We are able to give back to the community and use music in order raise money to send youth off to college.”

A majority of his events collect a portion of the proceeds that is donated to funding children’s college educations. While Morris puts the best talents on stage, participants not only discover new musicians and vocalists, but they also donate to charity. Due to the success of his existing brands and most recent five day event summit, DAZE, Morris plans to relaunch his brand dedicated to female empowerment and related events.

While the events are energetic, and entertaining, they are equally motivational. “A lot of people tell me, every time they come to my events, that I inspire them,”  said Scott Morris.

Here is what attendees at DAZE had to say about the five day summit, and Scott’s events:

“DAZE brought a lot of people together for a good cause, there was something for everyone whether you like live music or panel discussions…I think it was a good networking opportunity for people as well”  – Ally Hazel
The Daze festival is a manifest of culture, professionalism, and positive energy. It was truly a blessing performing in such a dope environment – CJP
Just knowing everything my team and I were doing during our Daze summit to raise money to send a student to college made it all worth it.  – Agalelle Nicolas
“Not just being a performer but attendee of DAZE, I appreciated the abundance of like-minded individuals that were present. Scott & his team did a great job with coordinating an event that brought out some of entertainments finest future leaders” – ADRENALIN

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