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Published on September 10th, 2016 | by Slate Dv8tor Stone


The HYPE Magazine Playlist 09.10. via Phenom Radio

The HYPE Magazine Playlist by Phenom Radio (@PhenomRadio) is a real different playlist of Hip-Hop music that is good!  This versatile playlist features a variety of music that you can let play start to finish. This playlist features music submitted from our Music Clout affiliates. I definitely recommend you check out the artists on the playlist who are making phenomenal music.

Press play and enjoy!

Booga Bradshaw – “Keep it Real”

Xavier Tascano – “Never Wanna Leave”

CBDB – “New Eyes”

Rachel Loomis – “Safe In His Arms”

Hope Darling – “Lifeline”

Chrissy – “Me Without You”

Mindz I – “The Pulsar Cannon”

Mr. J – “Friends Become Lovers”

Ale – “All On Ale”

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