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Video: Celebrating the Standing Rock Sioux DAPL Victory

On Sunday, The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers denied the easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline route near the Standing Rock Sioux‘s reservation. The water protectors at Standing Rock are real life heroes. Thank and honor them. ADD YOUR NAME AND THANK THE WATER PROTECTORS at http://PEOPLESCLIMATEMUSIC.COM

Hip Hop Caucus, the creator of People’s Climate Music, has partnered with Taboo, solo Hip Hop artist and a member of the Grammy Award-winning pop group Black Eyed Peas, to debut “Stand Up/Stand N Rock.” This song and video were created in support of the Standing Rock Reservation and the Sioux Tribe, as they lead a peaceful, powerful, and diverse movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). (Courtesy of Hip Hop Caucus)

The joint was produced by Printz Board and is a dope soundtrack for the hard-won victory. It’s a celebration of the administration doing the right thing and respecting the rights, needs, and wishes of the People.

Featuring Native American rappers Drezus and Supaman, the video, released yesterday before the announcement, initially encouraged people to sign an online petition calling on President Obama to stop development of the pipeline. Following the news from the Army Corps, Hip Hop Caucus replaced the petition to President Obama with a thank you action to the water protectors. The “Stand Up/Stand N Rock” music video directs viewers to where everyone can sign a thank you that will be sent to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. When people sign the thank you, they are in turn gifted a free download of “Stand Up / Stand N Rock.”

In a press statement from Hip Hop Caucus, President, Rev Lennonx Yearwood Jr., and solo artist Taboo, also a member of the Black Eyed Peas express their thoughts:

“The water protectors are real life heroes. While thousands of allies, from veterans, environmentalists, faith leaders, nurses and so many more contributed in critical ways, the credit for this victory goes to the courage and vision of the Standing Rock Sioux and the over 200 tribes who unified with them. They led a spiritual movement based in love, prayer, and peace, fortified by culture, the wisdom of elders and courage of youth alike. There has never been anything like it and we thank and honor them,” says Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., President, and CEO of the Hip Hop Caucus.

“Stand Up/Stand N Rock” highlights the vibrant native culture of the Sioux Tribe and features compelling footage of how their land was being disrupted by pipeline construction. “I am part Shoshone, but this issue is deeper than my Native American heritage. The Dakota Access Pipeline is a shameless example of corporate interests being put ahead of human rights and our environment,” says Taboo. “This song is a ‘thank you’ to the protectors that have stood against the pipeline and a call to action for all native peoples to stand proud and unify for our human rights and to protect our land.”

Meanwhile, Possible Challenges to the decision arise…

Back at the villains’ hideout, it’s an entirely possible scenario that Tump’s financial investment in DAPL could see an attack and recension of Pres. Obama‘s order to deny the pipeline. According to available data, Trump has between $500,000 and $1m invested in Energy Transfer Partners, with a further $500,000 to $1m holding in Phillips 66, which will have a 25% stake in the Dakota Access project once completed. (O. Milman,

According to a memo released by Donald Trump’s transition team, the president-elect supports the completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Also, according to the Associated Press, who obtained a copy of the 17-page document sent to Trump supporters, the memo denies that Trump’s support of the DAPL has any connection to his personal investments in the project. Lastly, as the Guardian reports, Energy Transfer Partners donated $103,000 to Trump’s presidential campaign. <<< Red Flags!!!

The Hip Hop community worldwide owes a nod to Hip Hop Caucus led by Rev. Yearwood and Taboo, for their show of solidarity with Standing Rock’s Sioux reservation, this is TOTALY leading from the front. We also have to salute the military veterans who arrived on the scene to help protect and serve the long-suffering and peaceful protestors, who’d begun suffering abuses at the hands of some local authorities according to a Facebook Live report from TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton.

One can only hope the incoming administration will do the HUMANLY responsible thing and not bow to big business. I WOULD like to point out that Trump’s financial investment in the pipeline is minuscule in the grand scheme BUT any investment in something so detrimental to the lives of human beings for generations to come is unacceptable for a world leader. #ijs

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Formed in 2004, the Hip Hop Caucus (HHC) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that leverages Hip Hop culture to encourage young people to participate in the democratic process. Through a collaborative leadership network, HHC addresses core issues affecting underserved communities. HHC programs and campaigns support solution-driven community organizing led by today’s young leaders.

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People’s Climate Music is a collective of diverse and influential artists who create music that inspires action against the climate and environmental injustices faced in communities around the world. In the summer of 2014 People’s Climate Music produced “HOME”, an 11-track album that was released in partnership with The Private Plane with support from Apple and iTunes. 55,000 copies were downloaded in the release’s first week. “HOME” is available on iTunes at

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